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  • PA Act 2 Brownfields Characterization
  • Phase I and Phase II Investigations
  • Remedial Design
  • Risk Assessment Reports

  • Full Profile

    Kathleen is an environmental geologist with 6 years of environmental consulting experience with a focus on environmental investigation and remedial activities at contaminated sites. Her expertise includes evaluating coal tar sites, chlorinated solvents, and construction oversite on brownfields.


    • M.S., Environmental Science and Management, Duquesne University, 2010
    • B.S., Geology, University of South Alabama, 2005


    • Professional Geologist, Pennsylvania
    • HAZWOPER 40 Hour
    • HAZWOPER 8 Hour Supervisor Training
    • CPR and First Aid Certified
    • Member of Pittsburgh Geological Society
    • Member of Association for Women Geoscientists



    Brownfield Reconstruction

    Act 2 Oversight

    Provided Pennsylvania Act 2 oversight for soil remediation on a large-scale site for a Fortune 500 client. Was on an approximately 600-acre location for over two years observing soil and rock movement, with an estimated 7.5 million tons of material movement. Site was rehabilitated from a zinc smelter with varied heavy metal contamination to a viable construction site for a petrochemical facility.

    Land Development

    Soil Reuse Manager

    Provided site characterization for development firm on Staten Island, including extensive geotechnical characterization, borings, and field work. Provided additional support for local fill sourcing by verifying dredge from nearby Harbor projects met New York State environmental requirements. This allowed for successful redevelopment of a prime location in a congested metropolitan area, as well as a site for dredge material to be utilized beneficially instead of disposed of, saving the client on fill and disposal costs.

    Business Management Services

    Environmental Assessor

    Performed Phase I and Phase II assessments for a variety of sites, including green fields, superfund sites, active industrial facilities, warehouses, and retail space. Provided assurance as to potential risks associated with acquisition of properties related to environmental liability.


    Historic Operator

    Project Geologist

    Provided environmental investigation services regarding past site use, including field delineations of known and suspected constituents of interest. Clients range from former coal-tar applicators, dye lot manufacturers, and lead mines.