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  • Quantification and qualification of analytical data
  • Creation of soil-boring logs, scaled site maps, and groundwater contour and delineation maps
  • Comprehension and experience with EPA regulations – CERCLA, NPDES, SARA, RCRA, TSCA, CWA, CAA, and PA Act 2
  • Collection, documentation, and maintenance of raw data
  • Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery oversight and reporting
  • ISO 9000/14000 certifications.


  • Full Profile

    Kathryn Tucker has been working in the environmental compliance field for 12 years. Her experience includes assessment of organic, inorganic and wet chemistry analyses of groundwater, drinking water, soil, sediments, and waste samples.  She has performed duties for pre-clinical studies and collected and reviewed data for accuracy.   

    More recently, Katy has been worked on the development and Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and Financial Assurance for CSG and Conventional Gas development projects. On these Projects Katy works has been responsible for collating information, development of disturbance schedules, working with the Environmental Engineers on developing the detailed cost estimates and integrating all of the cost models into the DEHP FA submittals.


    • B.S., Biology, 2000
    • M.S., Environmental Science and Management, Duquesne University, 2009.


    Certification and Training

    • 40-hour Hazpower certified
    • Qualified Environmental Professional
    • Acceptance in Beta Beta Beta and Phi Theta Kappa (scholastic honorary societies).


    Key Experience

    CSG and Conventional Oil and Gas Experience

    Financial Assurance – SW Queensland Conventional Assets| Santos

    This project involved a detailed reconciliation of all SW Queensland conventional oil and gas assets.  The inventory process included a detailed review of aerial photographs and engineering drawings to develop field and infrastructure specifications.  Engineering cost estimates were developed for the decommissioning and demolition of all field infra-structure and where known environmental conditions were present, the remediation of impacts.  The FA estimates covered approved 40 PL and ATPs and 12 PPLs. This FA estimate has been reviewed by all the joint venture partners and has been submitted to DEHP (formerly DERM) as part of a new EA application.

    Financial Assurance Development | Arrow

    Development of Financial Assurance cost estimation framework and estimates Upstream CSG assets.  As part of this project, cost estimation tools were developed for Arrow to assess demolition and rehabilitation costs, estimate scrap values, and the schedule for disturbance and rehabilitation.  To date over 12 FA estimates have been developed for areas with operational CSG assets, planned development areas and areas undergoing appraisal. All FA estimates have been accepted by DEHP (formerly DERM).

    Financial Assurance – SW Queensland Shale Gas Development| Confidential Client

    This project involved a detailed the detailed scoping of potential assets and activities associated with a shale gas exploration and appraisal project.  Engineering cost estimates were developed for the decommissioning and demolition of proposed infrastructure and in conjunction with reservoir engineers a probable exploration and appraisal program was developed. The project involved the development of FA for 6 separate PLs and 6 PPL’s as part of a future development program.   The FA estimates have recently been submitted to DEHP (formerly DERM) as part of a new EA application.

    Financial Assurance – Proposed Gas/Liquids Treatment Facility |Santos| 

    This project involves development of a 500 TJ/day gas treatment facility in Wallumbilla. The team worked with the conceptual design engineers to refine the development concept for the purposes of the approvals document and to develop the FA estimates. FA estimates were developed for the full decommissioning of the plant and rehabilitation of the site.