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  • Hydrogeology
  • Soil/Groundwater/Soil Vapor Investigations
  • Remedial Systems
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Voluntary Action
  • RCRA Administrative Orders
  • Deed Restrictions.

  • Full Profile

    Michelle Stayrook has over 15 years of experience managing site assessments, soil and groundwater investigations, Brownfield redevelopment, voluntary action programs, litigation support, and regulatory negotiations.

    Michelle has managed and participated in multiple investigations conducted at retail service stations, chemical storage, manufacturing facilities, and active and abandoned retail/commercial properties. She has extensive experience in managing large scale investigation and remediation projects ($1MM to $3MM). Her past regulatory experience includes personal interactions with multiple state regulatory agencies including New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New York Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.


    • B.S., Environmental Studies, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, 1999; Minor in Geology
    • Registrations and Certifications
    • Sustainable Remediation Forum
    • Project Manager Certification
    • Continuing Education
    • 40 Hour OSHA Health and Safety Certification (29 CFR 1910.120)
    • 8-Hour OSHA Health and Safety Annual Update Certification
    • 8-Hour OSHA Site Supervisor’s Certification
    • First Aid/CPR Certifications.


    Previous Certification/Training

    • NJDEP Subsurface Evaluator/Tank Removal
    • NAETI Asbestos Inspector
    • Hot Work Coordinator
    • New Jersey Rail Safety Training
    • New York Metro Transit Authority Track Training.


    US Regions:

    • Northeast
    • Mid-West and California.



    • South America.


    Key Projects

    Michelle manages multiple Industrial Site Recovery Act projects in New Jersey. She provides project management oversight from initial notice through the remedial investigation phase, including preparation and implementation of Site Investigation (SI) and Remedial Investigation (RI) work plans and reports. Project details include identifying areas of concern, evaluating the nature and extent of impacts in the multi-medias, interpreting new state regulations implemented in November 2009, and working with a Licensed Site Remediation Professional.

    Michelle was a project manager assistant and geologist for a RCRA facility investigation in Chicago, Illinois. She assisted with the preparation and implementation of RCRA Facility Investigation work plans and reports associated with a 20+ acre chemical manufacturing facility. Project details included identifying the nature and extent of impacts in multi-medias, obtaining third party access management and managing field personnel.

    She has also acted as a project manager and geologist for a dual-phase extraction system in Cincinnati, Ohio. Michelle managed the operation and maintenance of a groundwater and soil vapor extraction system for on-site plume containment using pump and treat technology. Shortly after acquiring the project, she performed cost evaluation for alternate remedial technologies.

    Michelle was project manager and geologist for a Brownfield redevelopment project in Boonton, New Jersey. Project was implemented under a remediation agreement with site developer and memorandum of agreement with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. She completed necessary environmental remediation tasks to indemnify client from future environmental liabilities. She oversaw environmental construction phases including demolition, site re-grading, reconstruction, and installation of an enhanced in-situ Bioremediation system. Operation and maintenance of the remediation system included system optimization, quarterly groundwater sampling, and natural attenuation monitoring. Michelle also developed yearly project budget, maintained client, agency, and community interactions, and evaluated and reported project progress to stakeholders.

    Michelle managed a multi-phase extraction system in Memphis, Tennessee. She managed operation and maintenance of a multi-phase vapor and groundwater extraction system utilizing a carbon treatment system to prevent vertical migration to underlying aquifer communicating with the Mississippi River. She participated in the development of a Corrective Measure Study Work Plan to create Protective Standards for offsite receptors.

    As a project manager and geologist for a groundwater extraction system in Knoxville, Tennessee, Michelle managed operations and maintenance of a groundwater extraction for onsite plume containment using air stripping technology.

    Michelle was the project manager and geologist for a multi-site Phase II site investigation in Ohio for entry in Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Voluntary Action Program. She managed procurement, subcontractors, and coordinated field investigation activities for soil, sediment, groundwater, and surface water characterization.

    Michelle was project manager for a bio-denitrification soil remediation system in Lakewood, N.J. She oversaw the installation and operation of a nitrate injection system designed to stimulate biological activity above the saturated zone and reduce elevated concentrations of total petroleum hydrocarbons. Additional onsite activities included installation of a product recovery system and underground tank removal.

    She was a project manager of an ISRA site in Little Ferry, New Jersey. Michelle designed and executed a strategy to achieve a No Further Action for chlorinated solvents in the bedrock aquifer by demonstrating vertical profiling in the overburden aquifer.

    Michelle has been the field geologist for numerous environmental site investigations over a two year period in Newark, New Jersey as part of New Jersey Transit’s Newark-Elizabeth Rail Link project. She handled soil characterization and sampling, monitored well installations, ground water sampling, aquifer testing, and conducted Pre-Acquisition Screening consisting of ASTM equivalent Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Transaction Screening with related report preparation.

    She was the task leader and field geologist on numerous due diligence projects in Connecticut, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and internationally in San Paulo, Brazil. She assessed former UST sites with impacted soil and groundwater. She managed and coordinated building demolition and implemented remedial investigation activities.

    Michelle was the task leader and field geologist for multiple environmental projects for New Jersey Transit. Facility locations included Lakewood, Oradell, Paterson, Fairview and Newark. She assessed impacted soil and groundwater, product recovery and UST removal.

    Michelle was a field geologist for a US Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) low-level radiation project in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The project involved soil, surfaces water, and stream sediment sampling.

    Michelle was a field geologist for a USACOE project in Garden City, NY. The project involved soil and groundwater sampling to evaluate chromium impacts. Activities included deep aquifer discrete sampling for vertical profiling.

    Michelle was the task leader for environmental due diligence at the Avon facility in Rye, NY. Activities included drinking water sampling and product recovery monitoring.

    She was the task leader for multi-site environmental due diligence projects for the United States Postal Service and Columbia Gas. Responsibilities included soil and groundwater sampling.

    Michelle was the task leader and field geologist at multiple Merck-Medco sites in New Jersey. Responsibilities included testing drinking water supply wells.

    As a field geologist for a large-scale pump test at a pharmaceutical plant in Rahway, New Jersey, Michelle programmed electronic groundwater monitoring equipment to evaluate the effectiveness of groundwater extraction as a means of controlling offsite plume migration.

    Michelle supported environmental insurance underwriters for six months. The objective of this assignment was to provide technical understanding of environmental issues at commercial/industrial properties and at high occupancy residential buildings as part of environmental policy procurement.