IWD team (2)

Women have historically been underrepresented in almost all fields: science, school, curricula, and business. At EHS Support, women make up more than 50 percent of our employees and are some of the top experts in their field.

To achieve our business goals, we understand that it is vital to have the right talent, skills, and creativity amongst our team. We also understand that choosing where to work is one of the most important decisions a women can make. Women are more likely to be high performing individuals if they’re doing the right job, in the right company, with the right support. Over the past ten years, we have developed a consulting firm that focuses on providing an exceptional work environment that rewards individuality, and fosters employee growth. Our career development approach allows each employee reach their full potential while contributing at a level that keeps them satisfied, both personally and professionally, through a focus on success through individual motivation and a shared company vision.

In our continued effort to support and promote the truly extraordinary women within EHS Support, throughout the month of March we will spotlight each of our inspiring women from across the globe, in recognition of International Women’s Day. We are so proud of the contributions that each of our women colleagues has made to our culture and business success; we want to share with you a glimpse of the amazing team we see every day.


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