Redefining Business as Usual – Health & Safety Planning for Manufacturing Facilities

By: Monica Meyer

While we all are looking forward to things returning to “normal” in our personal and work lives, we are also recognizing COVID-19 is redefining what “business as usual” will look like in the coming months.

What does this uncertainty mean concerning the health and safety of your employees?

Time is of the essence and we need to innovate, not hibernate. While critical business operations continue, it is vital that companies adapt their safety efforts. Deliberate actions must be taken to ...

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3 Key Essentials When Going Virtual – Even When it’s Temporary 

By: Jaime Beckstrom & Bethany Evans

Amid the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, many companies are looking to transition their workforce to a temporary virtual environment and restricting unnecessary travel.  Not all companies may be ready for the transition from face-to-face to a virtual working model. With 15 years under our belt as a global virtual consultancy, we wanted to share three key essentials for success in a virtual workforce.

Tools & Technology

First, choose appropriate tools that are easily adaptable and support real-time communication and collaboration to keep your team connected from any location. For example, you can leverage available instant messaging and online social ...

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Manage EH&S Risks throughout all Phases of a Deal to Maximize Return on Investment and Manage Risk

By: Bruce Martin

In today’s highly competitive merger and acquisition environment, where shorter exclusivity periods and representations and warranty insurance are the norm, acquirers need to proactively ensure they are managing deal risks, including those associated with environmental, health and safety (EH&S) concerns. From Pre-Letter-of-Intent (LOI) assessments to divestiture support, this article discusses the solutions available for managing environmental, health & safety risk throughout all phases of a deal.

Pre-LOI EH&S Support

To help buyers get a head start on the due diligence process, a ...

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M&A in the Cannabis Industry – What you Need to Know from an Environmental Compliance Perspective

By: Kevin Robinson and Maureen Hodson

As more U.S. states move to legalize recreational and medicinal cannabis use, the spark in acquirers seeking to strategically enter the market has undeniably made cannabis-related businesses and their products a hot topic in the M&A community. Given the newness of the industry, and the evolving and varying regulations, how can these trailblazing cannabis business owners protect themselves from an environmental perspective after the deal closes?

Environmental Due Diligence is Essential in Cannabis Transactions

In order to ...

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Acquiring a Food or Beverage Company? Here is what you need to know about PFAS.

By: Ryan Sleeper

As we continue to observe strong M&A activity by our private equity and strategic clients within the food and beverage industry, we recognize and advocate the importance of staying on top of relevant regulatory trends. In this article we discuss the potential M&A risks posed by the ever-evolving regulatory landscape surrounding PFAS at large and in the food and beverage industry.

First, what are PFAS?

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a man-made class of 5,000+ compounds which ...

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