ETHOS Leadership Program…Aspiring for Excellence through Collaboration and Leadership

ETHOS: the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.

The EHS Support ETHOS Leadership Program was developed in 2012. This name was chosen because it defines the goal of the program: developing future leaders from within to maintain our beliefs and culture.

The mission of the ETHOS Leadership Program is to safeguard the future of EHS Support and its operating principles, culture, and values.

Fundamental elements of the program:

  • Invest in education to become future leaders
  • Cultivate synergies in business relationships
  • Foster teamwork and professional growth
  • Commit to excellence.

This program focuses on cultivating people from within our organization into future leaders. We will build on our current strengths to allow these individuals to grow sustainably and ultimately achieve the mission of the program and add value to the company.


Our Leadership Team