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  • Geographic Information Systems Management
  • Data Acquisition, Management, and Analysis
  • 3D Modeling
  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Public Speaking

  • Full Profile

    Alexander Smith has over five years of hands-on experience managing and utilizing GIS databases for a variety of properties and project types.  He is proficient using ArcGIS Desktop, ERDAS Imagine, FEMA BCA software, FEMA Substantial Damage/Improvement Software, Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office Software, and advanced ESRI ArcGIS mapping and analysis tools.  Alex is responsible for creating and updating figures for environmental reports and site management along with maintaining the integrity and security of database files.  He also has experience with Field Technician work and Brownfield Development Project Management.


    • BA, Political Science, Allegheny College, Meadville, PA..


    • Geospatial Information and Technology Association (GITA)
    • OSHA Certification 40 hr Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
    • CPR Certification
    • API WorkSafe Certification
    • FEMA – Managing Floodplain Development through the National Flood Insurance Program, 2012
    • FEMA – Benefit Cost Analysis: Entry Level Training, 2012
    • FEMA – Substantial Damage / Improvement Training, 2011
    • PSATS – Pipeline Emergency Response and Damage Prevention Training Program, 2011
    • Paradigm Liaison Svcs. – Managing the Secondary Impacts of Natural Gas Development, 2011.


    Oil and Gas Experience

    Confidential Client, Oil and Gas Industry 
    GIS Specialist

    A spill of suspected frac fluid occurred at a well pad operated by the client.  Emergency response (ER) work was performed to delineate any potentially impacted areas.  During the course of this work, additional potential impacts were discovered that necessitated the investigation of the whole well pad.  Alex processed the sampling data daily as it was collected by field technicians and aggregated it into once consistent database.  The figures generated for this work served as the baseline for each new day’s screening and sampling efforts.  This project involved the heavy use of GPS data acquisition, correction, and importing.  All data was compiled into a report and color-coded to represent different ranges of soil conductivity.

    Confidential Client, Oil and Gas Refining Industry
    GIS Specialist

    Project included environmental work on an active refinery owned by the client.  The site contained hundreds of monitoring wells and hundreds more temporary wells and soil boring locations.  Alex aggregated all existing information into GIS where it had previously only existed in spreadsheets, boring logs, and CAD files.  After importing this data, he created an interactive web mapping application so that data and corrections to existing data could be shared seamlessly between remote offices working on the project.  The project is currently ongoing with an estimated completion date in late 2015.

    Confidential Client, Retail Petroleum Industry 
    GIS Specialist

    In the process of advancing several soil borings to delineate impacted soil at depth, it was discovered that there was a plume of soil contamination downgradient from a suspected source.  Using soil boring logs, field screening data, and laboratory analytical data, Alex developed a three-dimensional volumetric model of areas of suspected impacted soil.  This was visually displayed in an animation which was provided to the client showing the location of all soil borings and the locations where they were determined to be impacted or not impacted.  This model served as a guide for an ongoing bioremediation project at the site.

    Various Clients, Retail Petroleum Industry
    GIS Specialist

    Alex has provided GIS mapping support on multiple retail petroleum sites.  These have included all figures necessary for Site Closure Reports, Remedial Investigation Reports, UST Closure Reports, and any other reports necessary for continued compliance with State Environmental Agency guidelines.  These figures include anything from basic site maps to the calculation of groundwater contours and isoconcentration contours.  Alex also has experience in the drafting and review of Environmental Covenants for Non-use Aquifer Designation and the recording of these documents with the county authority of record.

    Other Experience

    Confidential Client, Commercial Retail Industry
    GIS Specialist

    Client required the delineation and excavation of impacted soils for an expansion of an existing warehouse.  Several rounds of soil borings were advanced, each sampled at multiple depths, to confirm the presence of impacted soil.  Alex aggregated data from these borings with historic borings advanced by prior contractors to create a three-dimensional volumetric model of the areas of impacted soil at depth.  The model was created using over 200 discreet data points.  Animations were prepared to display the topography of the site and the locations of impacted soil.  Using the delineated areas generated, boundary coordinates of impacted areas were generated to aid in excavation.

    Various Clients, Brownfield Redevelopment Industry 
    Project Manager

    Alex has previous experience as a project manager in public sector brownfield redevelopment.  This included all aspects of site development including acquisition, site assessment, remediation, solicitation of developers, sale, grant-writing, and cash-flow management.

    Smith, Alex. 2012. Using GIS to Predict Damage. Presented at Northwest Pennsylvania GIS Conference on the topic of using GIS to Predict Damage and Coordinate Emergency Response to a Terrorist Nuclear Event in the City of Pittsburgh.