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  • Project chemistry
  • Data validation
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Creation of written procedures
  • Client, regulatory, and subcontractor liaison
  • Speaks Spanish as a second language.

  • Full Profile

    Amy Coats is a project chemist with five years of experience validating environmental laboratory data and eight years of experience with environmental remediation projects.

    Amy’s experience includes reviewing analytical data to determine usability and perform validation according to United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) National Functional Guidelines as well as other relevant documents, such as project Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP), EPA regional requirements, or laboratory Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). She has prepared hundreds of validation reports for diverse clients, including branches of the U.S. military, Department of Defense (DoD) contractors, and petroleum and pharmaceutical companies.

    Amy has interfaced with environmental samples at every stage: collection in the field (by sampling and/or by supervising drilling), preparation and analysis in the laboratory, validation of the data, and the use of the data by individual project teams. Her experience in environmental remediation includes several types of project support, including writing reports for submittal to regulatory agencies, preparing sampling and analysis plans, and managing field operations. Prior to working in environmental consulting, Amy obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from an honors college that emphasizes research and then worked in a variety of laboratories, including two environmental analytical labs.


    •  B.A., Chemistry, New College of Florida


    Project Chemistry & Data Validation

    Confidential Client

    Amy worked for several years as key member of the team managing a multimillion dollar remediation site for a DoD client, performing tasks including reporting to regulatory agencies, creation of written procedures (Standard Operating Procedures, Sampling & Analysis Plan), general consultation about laboratory procedures and methods, coordination with laboratories, and data validation. In addition to performing conventional data validation, she also processed all laboratory EDDs through Florida ADaPT, the automated validation program through which data submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) is processed. This was done in order to identify problems in the EDDs (electronic data deliverables) as well as to prepare a report explaining issues that ADaPT identified with the data. This supplemental report was submitted to the FDEP in order to preemptively answer questions that may have arisen. This resulted in smoother, more efficient report submittal.

    Multiple Clients – Data Validation

    Amy reviewed and prepared validation reports for data from EPA, ASTM, CLP, and other methods in accordance with multiple state guidelines in accordance with USEAP National Functional Guidelines as well as other relevant documents. She prepared data validation reports, consistently meeting project-specific deadlines and gaining repeat clients who contacted her directly for all validation and data review needs.

    Environmental Remediation

    Confidential Client

    Amy served for seven years on the project team for a DoD client with a logistically challenging, high profile environmental remediation site in Florida. In this capacity, she contributed to the regulatory reporting process, writing portions of the report and making editorial contributions to others. She performed field activities (including groundwater sampling as well as managing the large network transducer deployment) and supported other field activities (including well drilling, development, and wetlands sample collection). She was selected as the primary field coordinator who planned and managed numerous field efforts including groundwater sampling events requiring up to 8 people for 4 weeks. With thorough planning and communication, she achieved the best client record to date for problem-free field events, which led to improved relationship with client team and neighboring community. She acted as client contact for all field-related questions.

    Confidential Client

    Amy was selected to be site supervisor and Health and Safety officer for drilling and other field activities at several Latin American and Caribbean sites for a petroleum client. She trained ten drillers in company’s safety program (in Spanish) and established good working relationships with contractors, client, and local support to create pleasant, efficient work environment. She received high praise after field audit from client known for stringent safety and administrative requirements and served as client, regulatory, and subcontractor liaison.


    Amy Coats. 1998. The Synthesis and Characterization of 1,4- Dioxa-7-Azacyclononane Monoacetate. New College Thesis, a project in bioinorganic mimetic chemistry. The work reflected in this thesis was conducted over several semesters and culminated in the synthesis of the desired novel ligand.