• Geology/Aqueous Geochemistry
  • Stable Isotope Geochemistry
  • Geochemical Modeling
  • Reactive Transport Modeling
  • Technical Writing
  • Data Evaluation and Interpretation
  • Communicating Scientific Results
  • Soil, LNAPL, Soil Vapor, and Solid Waste Investigations
  • Groundwater Investigations/Monitoring in Sedimentary Aquifers
  • Laboratory Analytical Program Design

  • Full Profile

    Andrew is an expert geologist/geochemist with over 10 years of experience integrating industry needs with environmental compliance solutions and sustainable energy initiatives. He has developed GIS databases to visually communicate complex 2D and 3D environmental datasets and utilized multivariate statistical techniques to assess spatial trends in chemical datasets. Andrew’s expertise in sedimentology is evidenced by his appointment teaching the undergraduate program at UC Davis, and he has applied his knowledge of stratigraphic principles to determining depositional controls on contaminant transport. An accomplished technical writer, Andrew has written and edited documents for environmental remediation projects, high-profile scientific journals, and public outreach initiatives.

    Andrew’s field experience includes soil classification, rock core logging, oversight of direct push, hollow stem auger, mud rotary, and CPT drilling methods; soil, groundwater, soil vapor, LNAPL, and solid waste sampling.

    Andrew has demonstrated the ability to simultaneously manage multiple tasks for complex projects delivering results on time and within budget for his clients.  An advocate for his clients, Andrew is well versed in facilitating communication between industry clients, the public, and regulatory agencies..


    • Ph.D., Geology,University of California, Davis, 2016
    • M.S. Geology, University of California, Davis, 2012
    • B.Sc., Geology, University of Otago, New Zealand, 2003

    Certifications and Training

    • Communicating Science to Policymakers, COMPASS Institute, Washington, D.C., 2015
    • Leadership development training, Rockwood Institute, Marin County, CA, 2014
    • Advanced Spanish Language Skills, Certified by the American Council on Education, 2013
    • Certificate in Cartography and GIS, California State University East Bay, 2009
    • ESIR ArcGIS User Certificate, 2009
    • Project Manager Certification (URS Corporation) 2008
    • Loss Prevention System – Behavior Based Safety Training, 2006
    • Smith Defensive Driver Training, 2006
    • OSHA Site Supervisor Certification, 2006
    • Compliance Solutions Certified Trench and Excavation Competent Person, 2005

    Key Experience

    Industry Experience

    The Hydrothermal Dynamics of Yellowstone Lake, 2017-Present

    Geochemistry Researcher and Technical Expert

    Andrew served as the geochemistry researcher and technical expert for a project aimed at determining hydrothermal contributions to lake water chemistry and potential hydrothermal hazards. Provided technical expertise including GIS mapping, designed geological conceptual models, field sampling using a remotely operated submersible (ROV), laboratory analysis of gas and sediment samples, interpretation of sulfide mineral and sulfur isotope geochemical data, data quality control, and the interpretation and modeling of scientific results.

    The Iceland Deep Drilling Project, 2010-Present

    Technical Expert

    Geochemistry researcher and technical expert for a major international renewable energy initiative, tasked with estimating the composition of deep fluids intended for use in industrial processes. Provided technical expertise, including laboratory analyses of solid and liquid samples, core logging, geologic conceptual model design, geochemical modeling, data quality assurance, and data interpretation.

    Maximizing Trace Metal Recovery from Industrial Waste Fluids, 2015-2017

    Technical Expert

    Geochemistry researcher and technical expert for a U.S. Department of Energy initiative to evaluate the economic potential to co-producing trace metals from spent geothermal fluids. Developed sampling protocols, laboratory analytical techniques, and data quality assurance protocols. Aided in the design of geochemical modeling capabilities in order to assess controls on trace metal transport under a range of chemical conditions.

    Aqueous Geochemistry of Surface and Groundwater in Surprise Valley, California, 2014-2016

    Technical Expert

    Contributed to designing technical aspects of a project aimed at developing a conceptual model for geothermal fluid flow, groundwater recharge, anthropogenic impacts, and alkali lake evaporative processes. Provided technical expertise including GIS mapping, multivariate statistical analysis of natural water compositions, designed laboratory analytical and data quality control procedures for rare earth element analyses of waters and minerals, managed junior scientists, interpretation of stable isotope values of water, interpreted natural water chemistry using geochemical modeling software. Communicated complex results to community members, local stake holders and regulatory officials.

    First National Student Geothermal Competition, 2011

    Leader of Winning Team

    Conceptualized a project and led a team of college students in a national sustainable energy competition. Trained and mentored team members in developing an immersive 3D “virtual reality” model utilizing GIS. Obtained first prize amongst 10 finalist teams.

    BNSF Stockton Intermodal Facility, 2009-2010

    Project Geologist

    Responsible for oversight and management of trace metal contamination monitoring, sampling, data interpretation, and reporting.

    The Clorox Company, Oakland Plant, 2008-2010

    Project Geologist

    Responsible for oversight and management of mercury contamination project design, permitting, monitoring, sampling, and reporting. Managed subcontractors and corresponded with regulatory agencies.

    Sulfate Fertilizer Concern for Former Kerley Properties, Inc. (FKP), Antioch, CA, 2007-2010

    Project Geologist

    Task manager responsible for a sulfate and heavy metal groundwater contamination monitoring project. Managed subcontractors, obtained permits, and corresponded with regulatory agencies. Performed data validation and evaluated long-term trends in contaminant concentrations. Compiled semi-annual and annual groundwater reports.

    Solid Waste Removal Travel and Health and Safety Plan, DRC, Africa, 2007

    Developed safe work practices, standard operating procedures, and travel routes for a complex contamination removal program with unique safety concerns. Drafted maps and diagrams and wrote technical documents to guide field personnel in safe work practices.

    Kwanda Base Onshore Soil and Groundwater Investigation, Soyo, Angola, Africa, 2006-2007

    Project Geologist

    Served as the project geologist for site characterization at an offshore oil production support facility. Aided in project design; managed subcontractors, field operations, fieldwork logistics, and landmine clearance; communicated with an international workforce; and interfaced directly with the client. Designed laboratory analytical program, evaluated data quality, and drafted the technical workplan and report.

    Former UNOCAL Chemical Facility, Oakland, California, 2006-2007

    Task Manager

    Task manager responsible for overseeing permitting, groundwater monitoring, and reporting at a mercury contamination site. Managed subcontractors and corresponded with regulatory agencies.

    LNAPL Investigation at Active Refinery, California, 2005-2007

    Field Geologist

    Field geologist for utility clearance oversight, CPT/ROST drilling, detailed soil logging, and soil core sampling, managed subcontractor and health and safety requirements.

    Retail Remediation for the Atlantic Richfield Company, Bay Area, California, 2005-2007

    Project Geologist

    Project Geologist for 26 BP/ARCO gasoline retail stations and UST Fund sites. Wrote work plans to regulators outlining proposed field activities, soil and groundwater reports. Worked with regulatory agencies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to ensure that city, county and state regulations were followed as to minimize time and cost to clients. Coordinated the installation of around 60 groundwater monitoring, groundwater extraction, and vapor extraction wells. Logged around 50 soil borings with associated soil, water, and gas sampling.

    Active Hydrocarbon Pumping Station, Concord, California, 2004-2005


    Geologist for pipeline pumping station. Wrote work plans to regulators outlining proposed field activities, soil and quarterly groundwater investigation reports, developed cost estimates and scheduled field activities. Oversaw monthly groundwater extraction events, quarterly groundwater sampling and well gauging events, along with the installation and destruction of groundwater monitoring wells. Scheduled and maintained the quarterly monitoring program. Maintained a poplar tree phytoremediation system.

    Former UNOCAL Chemical Facility, Oakland, California

    Project Geologist and Task Manager

    Project geologist and task manager for a mixed plume toluene and gasoline (BTEX) contamination investigation; wrote the workplan, health and safety plan, and final report. Obtained and coordinated permitting logistics for three individual properties that abut the San Francisco Bay. Managed subcontractors and junior staff for: soil vapor drilling, soil borings, hydro-punch borings, CPT/ROST borings, and on-site analysis of various chemical and sediment physical parameters.


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