• Groundwater Remediation
  • RCRA Corrective Action
  • Environmental Site Investigation
  • Project Management
  • Geologic Characterization
  • LNAPL and DNAPL Investigation and Source Control
  • Health and Safety Oversight and Management

  • Full Profile

    Anton is an experienced Geologist with over 12 years of experience working in the environmental consulting industry. He is a strong research professional skilled in Environmental Awareness, Geology, Site Investigation, Groundwater Remediation, and Safety. Specific project experience includes soil, groundwater, soil vapor, sub-slab vapor, and sediment investigations; NAPL characterization and recovery; remedial technology implementation, operation, and monitoring; civil construction quality assurance; and project management.


    • B.A., Geology, The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, 2006

    Certification & Training

    • HAZWOPER Hazardous Waste Worker 8-hour refresher, April 2018
    • Speak Up / Listen Up (SULU), April 2018
    • Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) – Board of Certified Safety Professionals, August 2017
    • First Aid/CPR/AED – American Red Cross, July 2017
    • Supervisor Training in Accountability and Recognition Techniques (START), April 2016
    • Project Management Certification, June 2015

    Key Experience

    Petroleum Pipeline in Residential Allotments – Akron, Ohio

    Site Supervisor and Project Manager

    Provided general site supervision and oversight of contractors while performing subsurface investigations for a former gasoline pipeline spill.  Also provided oversight for drinking water well replacement and the decommissioning of four remediation systems.  Coordinated with private home owners and tenants of rentals of a residential area.  Performed low flow groundwater sampling, LNAPL monitoring, aquifer testing, drinking water sampling, soil vapor probe installation oversight and sampling, and sub-slab vapor point installation and sampling.  Provided value to client by coordinating all work with the residents of the neighborhoods and treated their properties personally.  Maintained contractor and public safety by setting up exclusion zones while working and setting high expectations for the work to be completed safely.

    Served as the Project Manager for the operations, maintenance, and monitoring of 72 groundwater monitoring wells, 108 drinking water wells, a residential well replacement project, and the property maintenance of 12 client owned homes.  Reviewed the annual drinking water reports that were submitted to Ohio EPA.  Other tasks included updating the Conceptual Site Model (CSM), preparing potentiometric surface maps using Surfer and AutoCAD, and preparation of several sections of the Remedial Investigation Report.

    Former Oil Refinery – Wellsville, New York

    Site Safety Officer and Project Manager

    Initially served as the site Health and Safety officer during the remediation of the Genesee River in Wellsville, NY and groundwater conveyance system improvements for the wetland remediation system.  Hydrocarbon impacted river sediments were excavated in sheet pile wall cells and relocated to an onsite landfill permitted for reuse and closure by USEPA and NYDEC.  Improvements to the groundwater remediation system included modifications to conveyance piping, the addition of a “bio-filter” to reduce odors, and planting cattails in surface flow wetlands, and improving the sedimentation pond sludge drying beds.  The project also included re-opening of a walking trail throughout a corridor of the project site adjacent to the river and on the landfill area.

    Served as Project Manager for the operations, maintenance, and monitoring (OM&M) of the groundwater collection and treatment system at the former refinery. Responsible for analyzing groundwater elevations in relation to an adjacent river, conducting monthly conference calls with the onsite OM&M team, preparing potentiometric surface maps using ArcView GIS, and preparing an annual report to determine the efficacy of the groundwater remediation system.

    Active Oil Refinery – Toledo, Ohio

    Project Manager

    Served as Project Manager for several Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring (OM&M) projects at an active refinery.  Prepared technical proposals and memorandums and managed a small field team for the projects.  Projects included a 5-year cycle wastewater seal inspection; a NPDES permit outfall sampling project; monthly inspections of above ground storage tank fields, wash pads, flares, and heaters; bi-weekly, monthly, and annual oil and water samples for total annual benzene; semi-annual 40 CFR Subpart QQQ unit inspections; Relative Accuracy Test Audit testing in boilers and other areas of the refinery; Maximum Achievable Control Technology heater, furnace, and boiler inspections; and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) sampling.

    Active Oil Refinery – Lima, Ohio

    Project Manager

    Served as Project Manager to finalize a completion report of a carbon dioxide (CO2) flux study and a Performance Based Monitoring Plan (PBMP). The CO2 flux study was conducted to measure Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) rates of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) present in the subsurface in a specific area of the refinery and to demonstrate NSZD as a viable remedy for the area.  The PBMP was prepared to describe the collection, evaluation, and reporting of CO2 Flux Data to measure NSZD rates of the LNAPL present in the subsurface at the specific area of the refinery.

    Former Polypropylene Waste Landfill – New Castle, Delaware

    Task Lead and Site Safety Officer

    Prepared the Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) to relocate polypropylene waste with pesticides used as a fire retardant and impacted soils under a parking lot to redevelop the site.  Soils and waste were placed under the parking lot footprint and covered with an orange geotextile marker fabric.  The marker fabric was then covered with at least two feet of clean fill and a parking lot was constructed over the relocated soils and waste.  During the remedial action implementation, served as the Site Safety Officer.  Assisted the remedial contractor with the client’s control of work process during the project and verified contractor performed work in accordance with the RAWP and approved specifications.  Prepared and distributed daily reports to the client and project team.

    Former Oil Refinery – Wood River, Illinois

    Site Supervisor / Field Lead

    Tasks included LNAPL baildown testing, groundwater monitoring, river monitoring, oversight of monitoring well installation, soil boring sampling for LNAPL saturation, and preparation of daily reports, technical memorandums.  Work was performed to support groundwater and LNAPL modeling staff for a Focused Feasibility Study (FFS) and to optimize the hydrocarbon recovery system at the former refinery.  Assisted in the preparation of the FFS by writing the field methods section, prepared tables, and prepared AutoCAD and ArcView GIS figures.

    Former Chlorinated Solvent Manufacturer – Ashtabula, Ohio

    Site Supervisor

    Field tasks included oversight of monitoring well installation, oversight of dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) recovery point installation, soil boring sampling, groundwater monitoring, limited source removed from an upstream tributary, DNAPL recoverability testing and analysis.  Prepared several work plans, technical proposals, technical memorandums, subsurface investigation reports, monthly operations, maintenance, and monitoring reports, a DNAPL recovery system OM&M manual, the recovery system completion report, and all associated tables and AutoCAD figures.

    Former Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer – North Canton, Ohio

    Site Supervisor / Project Manager

    Served as the Site Supervisor to conduct field tasks including the oversight of monitoring well installation, soil boring sampling, In-Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) of chlorinated compounds, and the installation of a horizontal soil vapor extraction (SVE) well under the building to treat the source area.  Other field work included aquifer testing (slug tests) and groundwater sampling to monitor the progress of the ISCR project.  Prepared several work plans, technical memorandums, monitoring reports and all associated tables and AutoCAD figures.

    Active Wind Farms – Fort Stockton, Texas

    Safety Health and Environmental Representative

    Served as on-site Safety, Health, and Environmental (SH&E) representative working closely with the onsite facility managers, Operation and Maintenance Contractor leads, and the client Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) advisors.  Responsible to lead Level 2 Task Risk Assessment (TRA) of high-risk activities using a Hazard Identification and Task Risk Assessment (HITRA) Process.  Performed technical reviews of Level 1 and Level 2 Risk Assessments, confined space permits, and lock out / tag out permits.  Conducted daily field observations to identify at-risk behaviors, unsafe conditions, and best practices, and intervened when at-risk behaviors and/or unsafe conditions were identified. Provided SH&E guidance and coaching consisting with client procedures, regulatory requirements, and industry standards.  Also provided SH&E oversight of client special projects (e.g. substation repairs, blade and nacelle repairs, and generator replacements) and participated in project kick-off and weekly progress meetings.

    Industrial Metal Fabricator – Wooster, Ohio

    Site Supervisor

    Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP) Phase II property assessment.  Field tasks included oversight of deep nested groundwater monitoring well installation (200 to 250 feet), operation of the water treatment system, and groundwater monitoring.

    Hobby Model and Paint Manufacturer – Rockford, Illinois

    Field / Task Lead

    Phase II property assessment at the former hobby model and paint manufacturing facility.  Field tasks included oversight of soil boring drilling, collecting soil samples, indoor air sampling, and mapping of the facility for the Phase II report.

    Aerospace and Defense Company – Akron, Ohio

    Field Lead

    Provided oversight for a soil boring investigation and installation of several monitoring wells to define the extent of subsurface soil impacts and Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) in the form of jet fuel underground storage tanks in two areas of concern.  Field tasks also included monthly and quarterly LNAPL monitoring and recovery.

    Petroleum Retail Stations, Bulk Plants, and Terminals – Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky

    Field Lead / Field Manager / Site Supervisor

    Responsible for coordinating site work, implementing remedial activities, and preparing technical reports for two major petroleum clients with projects in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Provided support to five portfolios which included more than 400 sites. Project work included a variety of underground storage tank (UST) services including: UST closures, limited source removal excavations, multiple phases of environmental site assessments; slug testing; pilot testing including groundwater pumping, vacuum-enhanced groundwater and soil vapor extraction; Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) recovery; quarterly groundwater monitoring and in-situ chemical oxidation injection.  Also prepared monthly LNAPL recovery reports, quarterly groundwater monitoring reports, Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) Tier reports and other technical reports.

    Regional Sewer District Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station – Cleveland, Ohio

    Geologist / Construction Quality Assurance Inspector

    Construction Inspector for the design engineer to observe and document work completed in a shale bedrock cavern 200 feet below ground.  Prepared a site-specific Health and Safety Plan, air monitoring for explosive vapors (methane), oxygen, and airborne dust.  Developed action levels for potential airborne silica in dust (approximately 25% silica in Cleveland Shale) which was not initially thought of as a hazard. Other value was the coordination with the contractor to inspect shale bedrock excavated, shotcrete applied to preserve the exposed bedrock, and proper installation of rock bolts installed to provide overhead support of the cavern.

    Power Generation Facilities – Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

    Account Health and Safety Representative

    Served as the account Health and Safety representative for all project managers and employees working on active and former coal, natural gas, or nuclear power generation facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  Prepared and reviewed Health and Safety Plans for each project site, reported incidents and monthly KPIs to the client reporting system, provided monthly safety updates to the internal account team, and coordinated pre-entry drug screening exams for employees prior to working on the project sites.

    Coal Power Generation Facilities – Kentucky and Tennessee

    Field Manager / Task Lead
    Lead the field effort for sample collection of coal combustible residuals (CCRs) for future material marketing.  Coordinated sampling with power plant representatives and laboratories. Collected samples of bottom ash, fly ash, boiler slag, and flue gas desulfurization (FGD) gypsum.  Submitted all samples to two laboratories for chemical analysis and radionuclide analysis.  Assisted the project manager prepare the sampling report and update the current concentrations of compounds in the materials analyzed.

    Coal Power Generation Facility – Tuscumbia, Alabama

    Quality Assurance Inspector and Civil Design Engineer Representative
    Oversight of closure of a wet coal combustible residuals (CCRs) impoundment, a CCRs landfill, and the coal yard at a former coal burning steam power plant. Performed geosynthetics Quality Assurance inspection and collected liner samples for destructive testing.  Inspected the closure of a coal yard area by verifying the elevations of cut and filled areas.  Coordinated work with third party contractors for backfill / compaction testing.  Also, performed oversight of geotechnical drilling sample collection for bottom ash and fly ash in for ash ponds and stacks.

    Natural Gas and Petroleum Production Well Field – Northern West Virginia

    Environmental Site Assessor

    Conducted site assessments for due diligence to assist an oil and gas company acquiring approximately 1,300 oil and gas wells from another oil and gas company. Project was split into teams to inspect and document every oil and gas well, compressor station, or any other asset. Visited approximately 400 sites (well heads, compressor stations, tanks farms) with several team members of both oil and gas companies to inspect and document each asset prior to the acquisition.