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  • Full Profile

    Bob is an Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) manager with 25 years of experience leading and supporting cost-effective EHS compliance, management systems, and risk management programs for a wide variety of organizations.   He specializes in environmental permitting & compliance programs; EHS audits & compliance verification; due diligence and M&A-related support; and occupational safety and health programs.

    Bob has experience as a regulator, industrial EHS manager, and EHS consultant.  He spent 12 years as EHS Manager for Harris Corporation, responsible for development, implementation, and oversight of global EHS programs and support to business unit operations.  He has 20 years’ experience as an EHS consultant including 10 years with a global consultancy where he served as Sustainable Solutions Manager for the Southeast Region.  He sees EHS issues as symptoms of inefficiency and has a proven history of helping organizations transform EHS issues into operational improvements and strategic opportunities.    

    Bob is the President and Founder of the Florida EHS Roundtable (, a peer group and network of EHS managers and has been benchmarking and comparing EHS programs for over 20 years.


    • Master of Business Administration, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, 1997
    • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1990
    • Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH, 1982


    • Founder and President, Florida EHS Roundtable (
    • Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation EHS Council, 1995-1999
    • Business Roundtable Industrial Pollution Prevention Committee (1996-1998)
    • American Society of Safety Engineers (1999-2004)
    • Air and Waste Management Association (1991-2002)


    • Certified Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor (RAB E051934, 1998-2008)
    • Certified Professional Health & Safety Auditor (CPEA, 1999-2008)
    • Engineering Fundamentals (FL490ET202)
    • Adult CPR AED / First Aid (Emergency Educational Training Institute, 2018)
    • 8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Training (Safety Unlimited, 2014, 2016)


    Consulting Industry Experience

    Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida – Belle Glade, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob led an Environmental, Safety, and Security (ESS) program improvement project to develop systematic ESS programs and processes across the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, Belle Glade, FL.  Bob completed a facility-wide baseline compliance inspection and interviewed the organization’s management team to characterize existing ESS programs & processes and improvement suggestions.  He chartered and facilitated the kick-off of an ESS Council to enhance ongoing organizational communication on ESS and related business issues.  Bob created an observation-based reporting system (ESS Opportunity Card) to support and reinforce the ESS culture.  He reviewed and updated ESS training curriculum per regulatory requirements and ESS policies and oversaw the creation of tools to schedule and document training.  He worked with the ESS Department to define systematic ESS processes and oversaw the development and initial implementation of an ESS intranet site based on a Microsoft SharePoint platform and supported by PowerApps for field applications including compliance applicability and job hazard assessment; EHS training, procedures, and inspections & audits; document management; and task management and compliance calendar.

    Confidential Packaging & Food Service Client

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob developed start-up EHS compliance and management systems procedures for a new packaging and food service products business.  Bob completed a baseline EHS inspection of the newly-constructed facility during its start-up phase, and identified applicable EHS requirements including required programs, plans, and procedures; training; inspections; and record keeping.   Bob developed EHS management systems and compliance procedures, defined EHS training requirements, and led facility personnel through additional EHS inspections and helped establish corrective actions.  He created an organizational model and EHS Committee structure and charter.  Bob created an observation-based system (Opportunity Card) that included EHS issues as part of a 6S program to support manufacturing operations.  He provided individual training to a new EHS Coordinator for implementation.

    Orlando Utilities Commission – Florida

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob prepared chemical inventory reports for two (2) power plants and nine (9) water plants for the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC).  The detailed chemical inventory deliverables included updated facility site plans showing locations of hazardous chemicals and spreadsheets documenting chemical, physical, and biological hazards and calculations for chemical inventories.  Bob completed and filed EPCRA Tier II Chemical Inventory reports for all OUC facilities for reporting years 2010 – 2018 using Florida HMIS and plan reporting databases.

    JBT Corporation – Lakeland, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob prepared an Integrated Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) & Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan for the JBT Corporation.  The innovative plan met requirements for 2 major environmental plan requirements.  The plan provided integrated best management practices for managing petroleum, oils, and lubricants and other chemicals; employee training; monitoring and inspections.  Duplicate inspection programs were consolidated for operational efficiency.

    Air Liquide – Merritt Island, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob led a subsurface and engineering evaluation of wastewater compliance and on-site disposal alternatives for cooling tower blowdown for Air Liquide in Merritt Island, FL.  He successfully negotiated conceptual approval for on-site disposal with FDEP and proposed process modifications to avoid on-site disposal to the client.  He successfully led agency negotiations to cease groundwater monitoring and remove all site groundwater monitoring wells.

    Air Liquide – Orlando, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob provided environmental compliance assistance services to the Air Liquide Orlando plant.  Bob completed a regulatory review of the plant and worked with a representative from Corporate to develop an Environmental Compliance Tasks Responsibility Matrix.   Bob coordinated wastewater and stormwater sampling with an analytical lab, met with wastewater utility personnel, prepared and submitted late discharge monitoring reports, and completed hazardous waste determinations for a variety of wastes.  Bob identified a number of priority compliance and risk management activities and outlined an environmental training program for the facility.

    Brevard County Mosquito Control District – Titusville, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob managed a closure assessment for an above-ground storage tank system for the Brevard County Mosquito Control District in accordance with state tank regulations.  Tanks included jet fuel, unleaded gasoline, and pesticides.  The tanks had been decommissioned and removed, and underground piping was cleaned, capped, and abandoned in place.  Bob oversaw the location of underground piping lines using ground-penetrating radar.  He sampled surface and subsurface soils in according to state guidance requirements.    He screened soil samples in the field using organic vapor analysis instrument with flame ionization detector (FID).    All detected soil samples were analyzed by a state-certified laboratory for VOC, PAHs, and TRPH.  All soil and groundwater samples were below cleanup target levels and regulator accepted the recommendation for no further action.

    BAE Systems  Armored Vehicle Production Plant – Sealy, TX

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob served as principal consultant supporting ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 registration support services for a BAE systems 5,000-person armored vehicle production plant in Sealy, TX.  Bob developed an innovative EHS compliance matrix to streamline EHS training, compliance, operational control, and verification.  He prepared an annotated EHS management systems manual detailing specific actions needed to achieve certification.  Bob identified potential performance objectives and targets and developed inspection checklists for each of two major production areas and general areas.

    BAE Systems Naval Ship-Building Operation – Alabama

    Lead Auditor

    Bob served as lead auditor for an ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 audit of a BAE Systems naval ship-building operation in Alabama.   He reviewed a large number of written policies, programs and procedures early in the development of the Safety and Health and Environmental (SHE) management systems, and identified a variety of gaps, overlapping, and conflicting procedures.

    BAE Systems Safety Harness Manufacturing Operation – Florida

    Lead Auditor

    Bob served as lead auditor for an ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 audit of a BAE Systems safety harness manufacturing operation in Florida.  The audit served as the initial internal audit prior to 3rd party certification of its management system for Safety Health & the Environment (SHE).  He identified several major nonconformities and recommended the certification audit be postponed until the nonconformities were addressed.  At the request of the company, he provided consulting services to complete the development and initial implementation of the SHE management system and the company received its certification.

     Siemens Energy – Orlando, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob assisted Siemens Energy in Orlando, FL with the planning, development, and budgeting for EHS programs for a planned $2B integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant (Texas Clean Energy Plant).  The plan and budget included a two-year start-up budget and annual operating budget for both environmental and health & safety management for 18 years.

    CF Industries – Clarence, OK


    Bob served as auditor for an occupational safety & health audit of ammonia and urea nitrogen manufacturing plant for CF Industries in Clarence, OK.   As part of the audit team, Bob reviewed the client’s EHS audit process to ISO 19011:2011.

    Canaveral Port Authority – Cape Canaveral, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob prepared seven (7) Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) for the Canaveral Port Authority in Cape Canaveral, FL.  He identified regulatory interpretations that eliminated SPCC plan requirements for three smaller tanks.  Bob identified the eligibility of the facility to use the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier I-Qualified Facility SPCC Plan Templates and completed templates for the facility.

    Maersk Marine Cargo Terminal, Longshoring Operation, and Maintenance Shop – Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, FL


    Bob performed both environmental and occupational health and safety compliance audits of a Maersk marine cargo terminal, longshoring operation, and maintenance shop in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. The health & safety audit identified a variety of health and safety issues related to materials handling equipment, electrical installations, and safety training programs.   The environmental audit identified the need for 2 EPA identification numbers for the 2 non-contiguous facilities, the need for an SPCC plan, and a storm water pollution prevention plan.

    Confidential Coal-Fired Power Plant – Wyoming

    Environmental Auditor

    Bob served as environmental auditor for a large coal-fired power plant for a confidential client in Wyoming.    He focused on solid and hazardous waste management, flue-gas desulfurization ponds, NPDES storm water associated with industrial activity, and ozone-depleting substances.

    Defense Energy Support Center


    Bob provided consulting services for the development of the Defense Energy Support Center Environmental Guide for Fuel Terminals, a user-friendly compliance manual for storage tank systems, waste management, air emissions, training, and spill response.

    Confidential Cosmetic Manufacturing Plant

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob developed an OHSAS 18001 health and safety management system for a cosmetic manufacturing plant.   He completed a baseline occupational safety and health compliance and management system audit and management systems baseline assessment with criteria from OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).  He recommended the plant consider development of a management system based on OHSAS 18001 with an emphasis on operational safety, productivity, and employee involvement prior to pursuing VPP.  He used the audit results to prepare an occupational health and safety systems manual.

    Alcon Laboratories Intraocular Lens Operations – Huntington, WV

    Project Manager/Auditor

    Bob led the development of a company-wide ISO 14001 EMS for Alcon Laboratories.   He performed an internal audit of Alcon Laboratories Intraocular Lens Operations in Huntington, WV.  The audit was performed prior to a Level 1 certification audit and identified non-conformances, recommended improvements to the EMS, and served as the first internal audit of their EMS.   During the audit, he provided ISO 14001 EMS training to the Core EMS Team.

    Alcon Laboratories Corporate SEA – Intraocular Lens Operations – Huntington, WV

    Project Manager/Auditor

    Bob performed an internal audit of Alcon Laboratories Corporate Safety and Environmental Affairs environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001:2004. The audit, performed prior to a Level 1 certification audit, identified non-conformances, recommended improvements to the EMS, and served as the first internal audit of their EMS.  The audit helped clarify the relative roles of the Corporate SH&E Affairs office and the manufacturing operations it supports.

    Vistakon – Jacksonville, FL

    Sr. Compliance Specialist

    Bob reviewed waste streams and documented waste profiles and hazardous waste determinations for Vistakon in Jacksonville, FL.

    Medtronic Xomed Facility – Jacksonville, FL

    Sr. Compliance Specialist

    Bob identified applicable and relevant design standards for chemical storage for the Medtronic Xomed facility in Jacksonville, FL.

    Kennedy Space Center – Merritt Island, FL

    EMS Lead Auditor

    Bob served as EMS lead auditor for a gap analysis audit of the Kennedy Space Center EMS to focus EMS development.


    Harris Corporation – Melbourne, FL

    EHS Manager

    Bob managed EHS programs for Harris Corporation, a $4B company with over 50 business unit locations in 9 countries and 12 states, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and field and service operations for the semiconductor, communications equipment, office products, and defense electronics industries.  Bob developed company-wide EHS policies and led compliance, stewardship, and risk management programs across the company.   He provided environmental permitting and EHS compliance and oversight support to business unit operations in manufacturing, research & development, and field operations.

    ISO 14001 Registration

    He led five businesses to ISO 14001 registration, including training, EMS gap analyses, focused compliance programs, identification of significant environmental aspects and impacts, and development of environmental objectives and programs.

    EHS Performance

    Bob led a company-wide EHS Committee (including the CEO) in the leadership and oversight of EHS programs for Harris Corporation for 8 years.   He established company-wide policies, goals, and metrics and deployed implementation programs.   He managed company-wide environmental stewardship programs by working with business unit operations with the following results over 5 years:

    • Reduced hazardous waste generation by 60 %.
    • Reduced the release of targeted chemical emissions by 88%.
    • Increased recovery of recyclable materials from operations by 32%.
    • Prevented storm water discharges associated with industrial activity at 12 facilities.
    • Eliminated the use of Class I and II ozone-depleting substances in manufacturing.
    • Reduced net water consumption in facilities, manufacturing, and landscape irrigation.
    • Reduced energy consumption by 23 million KW-hr per year, saving $1.5 million and eliminating the equivalent of 17,500 tons of CO2 per year.

    Bob developed EHS data management systems, presented metrics, and produced the annual Harris Corporation EHS report.   He produced an internal EHS newsletter of regulatory updates, prevention programs, and success stories.

    Bob helped a Harris business unit permit a gold-plating operation with a San Francisco Bay area wastewater utility.  The business unit eliminated cyanide from its microwave thin-film circuit production processes, resulting in improved yields, cost reductions, and a patent application.

    EHS Audits

    Bob completed and managed over 100 environmental, health & safety compliance and EHS management systems audits worldwide with an emphasis on cost-effective corrective & preventive actions.  He improved internal customer satisfaction with EHS audits from 6 to 9 out of 10, while maintaining audit coverage and reducing EHS audit expense by 70%.   He provided implementation support and monitored corrective actions through completion with business unit management.  He produced a variety of risk-focused audits, including EHS procedures and training, and workers’ compensation / OSHA recordkeeping.   He developed business unit self-audit procedures and checklists to improve compliance and management systems and reduce reliance on corporate audits.  He trained 15 business unit personnel to perform audits.

    EHS Training

    Bob managed the annual company-wide internal EHS conference and training seminar for 8 years.   He assessed training needs, arranged for internal and external speakers, developed the agenda, created hands-on and group exercises, made all logistical arrangements with the conference facility and attendees, and arranged group entertainment.

    Asset Management

    Bob led the development of an investment recovery program to re-deploy idle assets and sell or dispose of surplus assets.  As part of a team tasked with improving the life-cycle management of corporate capital assets he interviewed employees, reviewed relevant documentation, developed “as-is” and “should-be” process maps, and facilitated program improvements resulting in reuse, redeployment or sale of $1 million of assets in 3 years.

    Bob led the initial development of a photocopier life-cycle management process to recondition, remanufacture and re-lease idle photocopiers.  The program was initiated by a corporate EHS audit of Harris Corporation’s Lanier Copier Warehouse facility.  The facility was speculatively accumulating surplus and obsolete copy machines.  Bob worked with business unit management to identify the surplus copiers as an asset that could be reconditioned and returned to the pool of leased equipment at a reduced rate to great customer demand.


    Bob served as a member of a company-wide Quality Council for a global $4B electronics company.  He developed business unit self-assessment criteria and forms based on the Baldrige National Quality Award and participated on business unit quality system reviews to improve operational effectiveness.   He participated on a Total Quality System Review of a semiconductor manufacturing plant, recommending organizational effectiveness improvements.

    EHS Management

    Bob managed EHS programs for Harris corporation’s Government Communications Systems Sector operation in Palm Bay, Florida.    He supervised a group of twelve employees to manage facility utilities and EHS programs.  He initiated the simplification of EHS procedures and initial implementation of a bar code-based chemical tracking system for air permit compliance and chemical release reporting.


    Harris Corporation

    EHS Manager

    As EHS Manager for Harris Corporation, Bob led the following due diligence activities to limit environmental liabilities and operational inefficiencies by providing guidance and overseeing related technical projects.

    Bob developed guidance for business unit EHS integration and supported Corporate Development with EHS due diligence for 10 mergers & acquisitions and supported integration.

    Bob developed guidance for the closure and decontamination of industrial facilities and managed the decontamination and closure of ten (10) industrial operations and facilities in four (4) countries and six (6) states. He was responsible for oversight of the facility and equipment decontamination, equipment sale and disposal, documentation, and the preservation of records related to the closures.

    Bob developed technical guidance for the auditing of business unit waste contractors to reduce the financial liability. The guidance included a cost-effective, two-tiered screening and evaluation system.  He managed 75 waste contractor audits and eliminated 30 high-risk waste management vendors.

    Canaveral Port Authority – Cape Canaveral, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob served as project manager for six (6) Phase I / II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for the Canaveral Port Authority (CPA).  The CPA already owned the properties and the assessments were used to assess the condition of property between tenant leases.  Bob helped the Port differentiate between elevated levels of metals and the presence of naturally-occurring metals and minerals that were present in dredge spoils used to construct the Port.  He identified an unpublished but FDEP-accepted “recreational” soil cleanup target level (SCTL) for direct exposure, providing the Port with flexibility for future development of the property beyond the promulgated “residential” and “commercial / industrial” SCTLs.  Bob recommended an approach to reduce the cost of ESAs including a “Property Tracker” service that alerts the Port when its tenants report spills or are subject to compliance enforcement by regulators, and a port-wide GIS-based map of environmental sample results.

    Florida Institute of Technology – Melbourne, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob served as project manager for several Phase I / II ESAs for the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).  For one Phase I ESA, he identified the presence of a historical stream bed tributary with potential to serve as a conduit for historical releases at an adjacent gas station.  The Phase II identified the presence of hazardous substances, but all results were below relevant default clean-up target levels.

    Florida Institute of Technology – Palm Bay, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob served as project manager for the Phase I ESA of a semiconductor manufacturing building donated to FIT.  The former wafer fabrication building was located on an existing National Priorities List (NPL) site and close to several other historical and potential sources of hazardous substances.  He was able to differentiate between the recognized environmental conditions (RECs) associated with the Superfund site, RECs at nearby sites, and no RECs associated with the subject site.  Bob later directed an industrial hygiene and safety assessment of the dormant building.  The report identified and quantified the presence of mold and mildew and identified chemical residues and a variety of physical hazards.  He identified sources of moisture for recommended mold control, chemical decontamination, and physical safety standards for Facilities and renovation workers at the facility.  He managed the cleaning and decontamination of the facility and disposal of wastes to allow its unrestricted use as FIT’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design.

    Delaware North Corporation, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center – Merritt Island, FL

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob completed a Phase I ESA of the Astronaut Hall of Fame for the Delaware North Corporation at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center to document site conditions as DNC moved out of the building and prepared the property for rent or sale.  The report identified a number of data gaps but did not recommend Phase II sampling because DNC was not eligible for the innocent landowner defense, risks were low, and laboratory analytical detection limits were orders of magnitude above clean-up target levels for some identified potential contaminants (i.e., small rocket propellants).

    Exxon Corporation – Southeast U.S.

    Project Engineer

    Bob managed a program for Exxon Corporation to audit 20 petroleum waste management facilities, including industrial wastewater treatment facilities, asphalt plants, and cement kilns.

    General Electric Credit Company – Nationwide

    Project Engineer

    Bob completed twenty (20) Phase I and II environmental site assessments for the purchase of automobile auction operations nationwide for General Electric Credit Company.

    Trammel Crow Company – Washington DC Area

    Project Engineer

    Bob completed 10 Phase I environmental site assessments for the Trammel Crow Company.

    Chase Manhattan Bank – Mid Atlantic

    Project Engineer

    Bob developed a standard Phase I ESA process and standard for the Chase Manhattan Bank prior to the publication of the ASTM Standard for environmental site assessments and completed five (5) Phase I ESAs.

    Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

    Supervisor / Environmental Engineer

    Bob supervised the DNREC’s pre-remedial program, preparing preliminary site assessments, sampling site inspections, and hazard ranking scores to evaluate site for the National Priorities (Superfund) List (NPL).  He trained and supervised a program staffed by college interns to assess over 100 sites.


    L.S. Sims & Associates – Multiple Remediation Projects – Various Locations

    Senior Consultant

    Bob served as project manager and senior technical reviewer for multiple remediation projects involving site assessments, remedial planning, and on-going remediation and system O&M.  Bob served a project manager for a groundwater pump & treat system that included air stripping for removal of VOCs and HiPOx treatment for 1,4-Dioxane with recharge of treated groundwater to the site recharge gallery for hydraulic control.  O&M included weekly system servicing with quarterly HiPOx preventive maintenance and semiannual groundwater and system sampling.

    Florida Institute of Technology, Mineral Oil Release Melbourne, FL

    Sr. Consultant

    Bob completed a site assessment and initial remedial action for a mineral oil (elevator oil) release from a Parking Garage Elevator hydraulic pipe line.  Bob recovered residual oil from the pipeline and used electromagnetic and ground-penetrating radar to locate the pipeline and subsurface utilities at the site.  He used a remote camera to identify a failed 120-degree joint as the source and location of the release and reviewed available construction documents to understand the e amount of oil released and the degree to which the release could be contained by the building.  He completed a site assessment including the installation and sampling of four (4) groundwater monitoring wells.  No contaminants were detected above groundwater cleanup targets.  Bob concluded that risks were low due to containment of the biodegradable and low-toxicity oil by the elevator shaft and the absence of water supply wells or other potential exposure pathways in the area.  Regulators accepted his recommendation for no further required action, and the documentation supported successful cost recovery from FIT’s insurance company.

    Orlando Utilities Commission, Stanton Energy Center Combustion Waste Storage Area – Orlando, FL

    Sr. Consultant

    Project manager for contamination assessment of the Orlando Utilities Commission Stanton Energy Center Combustion Waste Storage Area.  The cost-effective subsurface investigation used direct-push technology and correlation of field parameters to laboratory analyses to delineate the extent of impacts to groundwater and surface water.  He prepared an initial corrective action assessment of the landfill’s impact to groundwater.

    1000-Acre Heavy Mineral Mine – Northwest, FL and Southern GA

    Project Manager / Sr. Consultant

    Bob served as project manager for the verification of mine reclamation status for 1000-acre heavy mineral mine in northwest Florida and southern Georgia.  The project included acquisition of satellite imagery at a known date and comparison with as-is mine status maps, and characterization of land status as unmined, cleared, topsoil removed, mined, topsoil returned, vegetated, and released.    Bob prepared “as-is” process maps to identify internal control gaps and “should be” process maps to document recommended process improvements.  The project resulted in an efficient process to update mine maps for reclamation.

    EPA – Miami Incinerator Superfund Site – Miami, OH

    Project Engineer

    Bob served as project engineer for the Engineering Feasibility Study for the Miami Incinerator Superfund site in Miami Ohio.  He characterized and screened applicable remediation technologies including capping, natural attenuation, groundwater pump & treat, vapor extraction, and incineration and presented remedial alternatives and cost estimates.

    DuPont – Remington Arms Facility – Bridgeport, CT

    Project Engineer

    Served as project engineer for the landfill closure of a surface impoundment at the Remington Arms facility in Bridgeport Connecticut.  Bob coordinated sampling of surface impoundment solids and liquids, supported treatability studies for the pozzolanic fixation of process waste sludges, and served as project engineer for the design of the closure landfill, including engineering drawings, specifications, and contract documents.

    EPA – Technical Support Contract

    Project Manager/Engineer

    Bob served as Project Manager / Engineer for an EPA Technical Support Contract.  He developed EPA technical guidance documents for RI/FS Process for State Lead Remedial Projects; Clean Closure for Land Disposal Facilities; Managing Remedial Construction Projects, and a cost-estimating expert system for the Cost of Remedial Actions (CORA).  The Clean Closure guidance included a primer on toxicology.

    Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

    Manager-Superfund Program

    For the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Bob served as manager for the statewide Superfund program.  He coordinated program activities and negotiated remedial programs for twenty (20) NPL sites with EPA Region III.  Bob served as remedial project engineer, reviewing EPA remedial investigation plans, and draft remedial investigations and feasibility studies.  Bob prepared grant applications for state-lead of two RI/FS projects and hired and oversaw technical consultant implementation of the projects.

    Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

    Supervisor-Solid Waste Department

    Served as Supervisor for the DNREC Solid Waste Department responsible for permitting and reviewing groundwater monitoring data for solid waste transfer stations and landfills.  He led a statewide group of stakeholders through a process to review and update solid waste regulations for the design and operation of solid waste transfer stations, management and disposal of agricultural wastes.

    Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

    On-Scene Incident Commander

    On-Scene Incident Commander for DNREC as part of a statewide emergency response team.  He responded to numerous spills and related emergency response team incidents.

    Miami Conservancy District – Dayton, OH

    Engineering Intern

    Served as Engineering Intern performing laboratory wet chemistry analyses of wastewater, sludge, surface water and groundwater samples; groundwater and surface water sampling; and engineering support to the Miami Conservancy District in Dayton Ohio as a Cooperative Education student at UD.


    Global Consultancy

    Sustainable Solutions Manager

    Bob led cross-functional client service teams in the identification and development of sustainable solutions for a $5B global engineering, construction, and operations company with 28,000 employees.  Bob provided sustainability training and consulting services to a variety of federal, industrial, and municipal clients.  He identified both operational and strategic opportunities.  Industries included defense, manufacturing, medical devises, shipping, phosphate, chemical, and land development.  Cities included Fayetteville, Ark., University Park, TX, Atlanta, GA, and Cary, N.C.  Federal / state clients included NASA Johnson Space Center and the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA).  Sustainability planning activities & projects included training & workshops; environmental impact, footprint, and supply chain boundary assessments; and the development of sustainability plans, performance improvement objectives, programs and management systems.

    US Army Garrison – Redstone Arsenal

    Sr. Consultant

    Provided sustainability, pollution prevention (P2), and integrated solid waste management (ISWM) planning support to the US Army Garrison at Redstone Arsenal.  Bob served as principal author of ISWM-P2 Plan for a complex installation with 35,000 employees, 20 commands, and 60 tenant organizations.  Bob completed process mapping to define processes and roles for ISWM.  He oversaw client waste characterization studies at the County landfill and waste-to-energy facility and developed strategies and specific program(s) to comply with ambitious federal green procurement, waste diversion & composting goals based on installation-specific waste profiles.


    Bob is the Founder and President of the Florida EHS Roundtable, a peer group and network for EHS managers.  He produces EHS Roundtable meetings hosted at industrial facilities and infrastructure of interest and creates agenda on current topics of interest including but not limited to EHS legislation, regulation and compliance, risk management, management systems, safety culture, environmental trends, innovative permitting strategies and health & safety programs, sustainability, and remediation technologies and projects. The highlight of the meetings includes the plant or facility tours and open Roundtable discussions.

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