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  • 20+ years of EHS consulting experience
  • Professional Auditor Certification
  • Proven track record of maintaining positive relationships with clients and co-workers
  • Hands on experience in EH&S Compliance, Due Diligence, Auditing, and Remediation services
  • Ability to grow existing client relationships and develop new business partnerships.

  • Full Profile

    As a certified professional environmental auditor (CPEA), Bruce Martin has 23 years of varied experience in environmental management consulting, including environmental, health and safety auditing; merger and acquisition environmental due diligence; environmental management systems; site assessments, training, and environmental investigations.  His experience includes project work for clients in the chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, electric generation, steel, electronics, transportation, food and beverage, and other manufacturing industries.


    • M.S. – Environmental Science, Rutgers University, 1991
    • B.S. – Biology, Colgate University, 1988.

    Registrations and Certifications

    • Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, Environmental Compliance
    • Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14000
    • Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, Responsible Care Management System®
    • OSHA 40-hour Health and Safety Training with Current 8 hour Refresher Training
    • DOT Hazardous Materials Training with Current Refresher.

    Committees and Memberships

    • Member, The Auditing Roundtable
    • Member, National Association of EHS Management (NAEM)
    • Member, Air and Waste Management Association.

    Key Experience

    Compliance Assessment Technical Review, Confidential Federal Agency, Multiple Locations, Nationwide

    For the Federal agency project, Bruce Martin was responsible for technical review associated with the compliance assessment task, which involved assessments of environmental regulatory compliance at numerous facilities nationwide.  Agency facility operations were being evaluated for compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to solid and hazardous waste, water supply, wastewater, storm water, air emissions, hazardous materials handling and management, and storage tank program compliance.

    Senior Project Director, Environmental Due Diligence, WSP Environment & Energy, Reston, Virginia

    Bruce has coordinated and assisted in the evaluation of environmental liabilities associated with mergers and acquisitions and property transfers.  His representative projects include performing due diligence evaluations for properties including: petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, specialty metals manufacturing, automotive and aerospace parts manufacturing, radio and telecommunications facilities, and numerous commercial properties.

    For a proposed acquisition of a petroleum refining and marketing corporation, Bruce conducted a review of existing environmental assessments and environmental liability estimates, performed onsite environmental assessments, and developed estimates of potential liabilities, for operations including 3 petroleum refineries, 12 storage and distribution facilities, pipelines, and approximately 800 retail service stations.

    Senior Project Director, Environmental Assessments, WSP Environment & Energy, Reston, Virginia

    As a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, Bruce has a strong background in hazardous materials management, regulatory compliance, and environmental health and safety issues.  He has conducted numerous multimedia compliance audits at industrial and federal facilities.

    Senior Project Director, EHS Compliance Auditing, WSP Environment & Energy, Reston, Virginia

    Served as the project manager for the third-party environmental compliance audit project for a Fortune 500 beverage company.  Served as the primary client contact and audit team leader for the performance of environmental compliance audits at approximately 10 of the company’s facilities over a two-year period including breweries, packaging facilities, agricultural products facilities, and amusement-related facilities.  In addition, managed and performed audits of company facilities as a member of the corporate internal environmental audit teams subsequent to the third-party audit project.

    Senior Project Director, EHS Compliance Auditing, WSP Environment & Energy, Reston, Virginia

    Bruce has managed the environmental compliance auditing programs for a Fortune 500 electronics and electric consumer goods company and a multi-region electric utility.  The audit programs consisted of the performance of environmental compliance auditing and reporting at numerous facilities.

    Senior Project Director, EHS Compliance Auditing, WSP Environment & Energy, Reston, Virginia

    For a manufacturer of plumbingware products with facilities in 15 states, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, Bruce was responsible for environmental regulatory compliance and compliance assistance to corporate environmental management personnel.  The environmental management program included the development and implementation of a compliance auditing program, Phase I and II site investigations, and regulatory assistance for manufacturing facilities including regulatory analysis, waste characterizations, and development of required contingency plans.

    Training, WSP Environment & Energy, Reston, Virginia

    Bruce conducted training for WSP Environment & Energy’s employees and selected clients on the DOT hazardous materials and other environmental compliance regulations.  The training programs covered the proper classification, packaging, marketing, labeling, and shipping requirements for a variety of hazardous materials.


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