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  • UST Removals
  • Multi-Media Environmental Sampling
  • Remedial System Operation & Maintenance
  • Remedial System Installation
  • LNAPL Recovery Operations.


  • Full Profile

    Gregory Sowder has been an environmental technician for over 23 years with extensive field experience and AutoCAD drawing expertise.  He is an experienced Task Leader and Supervisor.  His experience includes responsibility for operation and maintenance of hydrocarbon recovery operations at a major oil refinery including Benzene Waste NESHAP data collection, record keeping, and reporting to the facility representative of routine data collection, quarterly and annual inspections.

    Greg was the lead field technician and prepared the reporting documentation for over 40 underground storage tank (UST) removals in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, and Kansas.  He has installed and sampled monitoring, vapor, and recovery wells and has performed soil-gas surveys.  He has experience in sampling groundwater, soil, free product, and air.  He has sampled for PCBs, heavy metals, petroleum constituents, and other analytes at construction demolition debris landfills, former gas stations, and bulk petroleum facilities.

    He has experience on more than 30 projects involving remediation equipment design, construction, implementation, operation, and maintenance.  He has installed and maintained vapor recovery systems during pilot testing and for the full-scale permanent system.  

    He has performed emergency response on over 25 sites, including installation of temporary FAP pump remediation systems.  He has performed asbestos inspections for more than 50 sites and has prepared Asbestos Management Plans for more than 30 sites.


    • Northern Wayne County Vocational School: Mechanical Drafting Classes, 1985–1987
    • Vinson High School: Vocational Diploma, 1987.



    • Containment Boom Deployment of Oil Spills Workshop
    • U.S. DOT and Hazardous Waste Transportation Training
    • Annual Boating and Water Safety training (USCG), with Annual Refreshers
    • OSHA Fall Protection 8-hour, with Annual Refreshers
    • OSHA Site Supervisor Training
    • Annual Fresh Air Training (Scott 4.5 SCBA, Scott Ska-Pak, Cascade Bottle Watch)
    • Fire Safety and Extinguisher Use (NFPA 10).


    Registrations and Certifications

    • TWIC Certified
    • OSHA Certified 40-hour HAZWOPER Training
    • OSHA Certified 8-hour Annual HAZWOPER Refresher Training
    • American Red Cross Certified First Aid and CPR Training.


    Key Experience

    • Performed air, soil, free product, and groundwater sampling.  Performed gauging, purging, surging and free product removal and abatement in monitoring wells.
    • Maintained sampling equipment, FAP pumps, and petroleum-hydrocarbon-remediation equipment
    • Performed all field-related tasks during UST removals in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, and Kansas
    • Responsible for the operation and maintenance and for troubleshooting remediation systems and associated equipment
    • Installed and maintained several groundwater and/or free product pumping systems (e.g., FAPP, Ferret)
    • Performed and collected data for slug tests
    • Stormwater Best Management Plan Inspection for post closure inspections Hazardous Waste Landfill
    • Stormwater Best Management Plan Inspection for post closure inspections at a former waste impoundment site
    • Stormwater Best Management Plan Inspections during construction activities for an underground butane cavern
    • Surveyed and mapped monitoring well locations including mapping site characteristics for a variety of projects
    • Worked with off-site telemetry and SCADA
    • Site coordination during monitoring well plug and abandonment
    • Used hand augering equipment during assessment activities and monitoring well installations
    • Performed asbestos inspections and created Asbestos Management Plans
    • Drafted AutoCAD drawings for a wide variety of projects
    • Oversaw the construction and installation of underground cross-country and inner-city fiber optics installation.  Created plot maps on AutoCAD for use by AT&T right-of-way agents to purchase property.
    • Waste management oversight during maintenance turnaround activities at a major oil refinery
    • BWON compliance monitoring and reporting related to groundwater and LNAPL recovery operations at a major oil refinery
    • Experienced in the installation and maintenance of skirted containment systems and absorbent booms within a high-traffic river system.