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  •  Environmental Investigation
  •  Well Installation/Abandonment
  •  Groundwater Aquifer Testing
  •  UST and AST Removals
  •  Soil Excavation
  •  Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion
  •  Monitored Natural Attenuation.

  • Full Profile

    Jeff Engels has over 16 years of experience managing and performing environmental assessments and remedial actions at industrial properties throughout the United States. He has conducted environmental investigations at properties impacted by petroleum and chlorinated-hydrocarbons. His primary duties have include project management, proposal and budget generation, property investigation planning and implementation, report preparation, and client and regulatory correspondence.

    He has performed soil and groundwater characterizations, feasibility studies, and aquifer testing and monitoring. He has supervised subsurface drilling, sampling, installation, and abandonment of soil borings and remediation monitoring wells throughout the United States. He has also performed water-supply related work including municipal supply well installation and sampling. He has extensive experience with hollow stem auger, rotary (air and mud), rotasonic, direct push, and Cone Penetrometer (CPT)/Rapid Optical Screening ToolTM (ROST) drilling and sampling techniques.

    His remediation experience includes the management of groundwater assessment programs and groundwater/soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems. He has supervised numerous impacted soil excavation projects that have included on-site soil treatment or off-site soil waste disposal. He has conducted numerous underground storage tank (UST) and above ground storage tank (AST) closures, overseen industrial chemical facility demolitions, and managed worker health and safety monitoring.


    • BS/Hydrologic Sciences (Geology emphasis)/1996/University of California, Santa Barbara.


    Professional Affiliations

    • Registered Professional Geologist – California.


    Key Experience

    Resource Environmental LLC (RELLC): La Mirada, CA,
    Project Manager

    Project manager of groundwater assessment, monitoring, and remediation activities associated with light-non aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) removal at three former gasoline service station sites. Managed Dual-Phase Extraction (DPE) and SVE remediation and data reporting to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB). Prepared cost proposals and work scopes for RELLC project managers. Coordinated site access agreements with offsite property owners.

    Confidential Client: Carson, CA
    Investigation Oversight Manager

    Responsible for field oversight of environmental investigation conducted at a former oil storage facility that was redeveloped into a subdivision containing 285 single- family homes. Performed field oversight of staff and subcontractors conducting soil, soil vapor, and indoor air sampling at individual residences. Coordinated site assessment activities with homeowners and third-party consultants. Reviewed and certified environmental assessment reports for submittal to the RWQCB.

    Former Ashland Electronic Chemical Company: Newark, CA
    Project Manager

    Managed soil, groundwater, and soil vapor investigation activities conducted at the former chemical distribution facility. Managed the groundwater sampling program and data reporting to the RWQCB. Oversaw permitting, monitoring, and reporting activities associated with the former on-site groundwater treatment system. Field geologist for chlorinated hydrocarbon soil investigations and aquitard assessment. On-site manager for facility demolition, impacted soil excavations in excess of 15,000 cubic yards, and construction of a soil stockpile vapor extraction treatment system.

    Former Ashland Chemical Company: Santa Fe Springs, CA
    Project Manager / Task Manager

    Managed groundwater monitoring, soil and groundwater investigations, and soil monitoring during site re-development activities. Field geologist and health and safety representative during site demolition which included the removal of 117 USTs and ASTs. Managed the installation of SVE and groundwater monitoring wells. Managed field and reporting tasks for a vapor intrusion investigation conducted at five business offices redeveloped at the site.

    Ashland Distribution Company: Menasha, WI
    Project Manager

    Developed a long-term remedy for groundwater impacted by chlorinated hydrocarbons. Revised and negotiated the groundwater monitoring program with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). Implemented quarterly groundwater monitoring to assess chlorinated impacts and aquifer monitored natural attenuation (MNA) conditions. Prepared the Remedial Action Options Report which included an extensive MNA feasibility study conducted in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and WDNR published guidance. Successfully negotiated annual MNA groundwater sampling of and installation of surface pavement cap.

    Former Scurlock Permian Corporation: Sterling, CO; Gillette/Wamsutter, WY
    Project Manager

    Managed three sites as part of a portfolio of former crude oil transferring and truck maintenance facilities. Conducted soil and groundwater monitoring for petroleum hydrocarbons. Prepared monitoring reports that were submitted to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ). Assisted with negotiation of a no further action (NFA) ruling for the Sterling, CO site. Negotiated with the WDEQ to reduce groundwater monitoring parameter suite for the Wamsutter, WY site.

    Los Angeles County Department of Public Works: Los Angeles, CA
    Field Geologist

    Responsible for installation a water supply well capable of producing 1,000-gpm (completed to 380 ft. bgs). Oversaw installation of the sanitary seal conductor casing. Conducted soil logging during the pilot borehole drilling, well construction, well development, and groundwater sampling activities.

    Active Chemical Distribution Facility: Binghamton, NY
    Project Manager

    Responsible for investigation and monitoring activities associated with an active chemical distribution facility. Assisted with preparation of work plans and reports for soil, groundwater, soil vapor, and indoor air vapor intrusion studies. Task leader for off-site soil vapor and indoor air sampling investigations. Collected indoor air samples at 15 residential properties. Conducted oversight of indoor air mitigation system installations.

    Former Ashland Specialty Chemical Company: Milwaukee, WI
    Project Manager

    Responsible for site phytoremediation system and groundwater monitoring program. Supervised staff and subcontractors that monitored phytoremediation system tree health, LNAPL recovery, and groundwater monitoring for chlorinated hydrocarbons and MNA conditions. Prepared remediation and monitoring reports that were submitted to the WDNR and EPA Region 5.

    Former Ashland Specialty Chemical Company: Renssalear, NY
    Project Manager

    Assisted with preparation of a RCRA Corrective Measures Study (CMS) Report. Prepared and evaluated remedial costs and technologies associated with proposed remedies. Managed off-site investigation activities that included soil vapor and indoor air sampling at offsite properties.

    Ashland Specialty Chemical Company: Commerce, CA
    Task Manager

    Responsible for soil and groundwater investigations, groundwater monitoring, and LNAPL recovery and SVE systems. Field geologist for aquifer testing that included installation of a deep groundwater monitoring well by air-rotary casing hammer drilling method. Completed groundwater aquifer step-testing and 48-hour tests in both the shallow and deep zones at the site. Assisted with groundwater data analysis and reporting.

    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Los Angeles County, CA
    Field Geologist

    Responsible for soil and groundwater investigations at active bus maintenance facilities throughout Los Angeles, California. Performed soil and groundwater investigations for petroleum hydrocarbon impacts. Installed and sampled soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells. Abandoned over 50 groundwater monitoring and soil gas vapor monitoring wells as part of the Mid-City Redline Subway Assessment Project. Performed well abandonment work under Level B, C, and D health and safety levels of worker protection. Prepared investigation and monitoring reports.

    Soil and Groundwater Investigations: Long Beach, CA
    Task Manager/Field Geologist

    Responsible for soil and groundwater investigations, groundwater monitoring well abandonments, and groundwater aquifer and tidal studies. Field task leader for groundwater aquifer step-testing and 48-hour test. Managed and assisted with groundwater aquifer data analysis and reporting.

    Soil and Groundwater Investigations: Los Angeles, CA
    Task Manager/Field Geologist

    Responsible for UST and AST installation and removal activities, soil and groundwater investigations, groundwater monitoring well installation and abandonment, and operation of a Geoprobe soil, groundwater, and soil vapor sampling drilling rig. Prepared investigation and UST/AST closure reports.