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  • Site Investigation
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Waste Characterization
  • Up/Mid/Downstream Oil & Gas
  • Spill Response
  • Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence
  • Compliance Assessments

  • Full Profile

    Jon has over 25 years of consulting experience working for clients throughout the United States and internationally. Jon’s expertise includes a focus on up/mid/downstream oil & gas, chemical, manufacturing, metals, mining, and work with legal firms. He has worked directly in the on/offshore oil and gas exploration industry.


    • B.S., Geology, University of Louisiana-Lafayette,1994

    Professional Affiliations

    • Baton Rouge Geological Society
    • Lafayette Geological Society
    • Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association
    • Louisiana Oil and Gas Association

    Certifications and Training

    • Certified Professional Geologist in Louisiana (No. 314) and Texas (No. 3175)
    • HAZWOPER certified
    • CPR Certified
    • MSHA Part 48 trained
    • Helicopter Underwater Egress Training
    • Asbestos Inspector-Louisiana
    • All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Rule training
    • MS Project training
    • SPCC and Tanks Auditing
    • Introduction to Air Quality Auditing
    • Project Management Excellence Training
    • Persuasive Communication Courses, ECG Co., Phase I – Personal, Phase III – Sales Training, Phase IV – Presentations
    • Solid and Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Material
    • Introduction to Air Quality Auditing

    Key Experience

    Industry Experience

    Multiple Clients

    Principal Consultant

    Jon has successfully led/conducted 100s of projects (e.g. due diligence, remediation, compliance, etc.) across the US including international projects (e.g. Egypt, Indonesia, Japan) for major global clients (oil and gas, power, manufacturing, etc.).

    Due Diligence and Compliance


    Lead Auditor

    Performed compliance auditing of two large chemical manufacturer production facilities in Texas and one facility in Louisiana after a merger of two companies. The audit included review of historical soil and ground water impacts (related to RCRA, CERCLA, and other regulations), hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, solid waste management, SPCC, SWPPP, asbestos, waste minimization, Toxic Release Inventory, wastewater, Facility Response Plans, Risk Management Plans, Pollution Prevention Plans, PCBs, and other site-specific issues. Review of the associated applicable regulations and permitting requirements regarding site issues were researched and a findings report was provided citing specific regulations and recommending corrective actions to address areas of non-compliance.

    Confidential Carbon Facility

    Project Manager

    Managed and performed due diligence and compliance review of three active carbon black plants in Texas and Louisiana for overseas (Japan) client for a transaction. Received a global collaboration award for the project work.

    Confidential Oil & Gas Projects

    Managed a due diligence and limited compliance project covering the entire southern portion of Louisiana and southeast Texas in the upstream oil and gas sector including regulatory data search using GIS. Transaction included over 70 fields in onshore/offshore locations with over 400 wells over and was conducted over a two-week period. Reporting consisted of material environmental and compliance findings in tabular format with GIS illustrations and *.kmz files with GIS data layers for use in Google EarthTM platform.

    Performed highly confidential due diligence project of assets in Indonesia for a major oil and gas client. The project included a team of reviewers using desktop information and reviewing sensitive GIS data provided by the client.

    Performed due diligence and compliance review of onshore and offshore assets in the Gulf of Mexico of a major oil and gas company for a confidential client. The project included site visits for both on/offshore operations, client meetings, reporting, and asset retirement obligations development.

    Performed deep dive due diligence with limited compliance assessment on a large confidential project in Texas in advance of a multiple million-dollar transaction for a major industrial client. The project was performed on an expedited schedule and the report submitted within approximately one week of completion of the “limited” site reconnaissance.

    Managed three due diligence and limited compliance review projects in east and west Texas and northeast and southeast Louisiana for multi-million-dollar transactions in the midstream oil and gas sector utilizing ASTM Phase I ESAs and limited compliance reports including health and safety reviews. Sites included multiple gas plants and terminals including one in the vicinity of a Texas and a Louisiana Superfund site.

    Managed and performed due diligence and compliance assessment project of over 200 oil and gas facilities including active/inactive/plugged well sites, tank farms, gathering facilities, and transfer facilities with a GIS desktop review and report. The work was conducted across 8 parishes in southwest Louisiana for a major oil and gas key client.

    Managed compliance issues for an oil and gas supply facility in Texas including safety, spill regulations, and an existing drinking water well-regulated as a non-transient drinking water system. A safety compliance audit was completed of the facility with a detailed findings and recommendations report for correction of non-compliance issues. Spill regulations were complied with by completion of a SPCC plan for the facility and existing tanks were recommended for retrofit with secondary containment. Texas regulatory agencies were contacted regarding the existing drinking water well and a recommendation was made to the client stop using the well for drinking water to avoid regulatory compliance as a drinking water system.

    Performed Phase I Due Diligence/Regulatory Compliance for major oil company at oil and gas production facility near Hurghada, Egypt including onshore and offshore assets in accordance with country environmental regulations and guidance.

    Performed safety compliance audit for construction client in Texas of contractors focused on health, safety and environmental programs. Reviewed safety compliance documents, training records, manuals, safety plans, procedures, safety inspections, route cause analysis information, environmental and emergency systems, and other information. Prepared a health, safety and environmental audit report of findings compared to regulations.

    Managed assessment and regulatory compliance status of potential saltwater release from an oil and gas saltwater injection well for an independent oil and gas company including geologic and hydrogeologic evaluation, engineering calculations, regional oil and gas well surveys, electric log interpretation, and discussions with LDNR.

    Managed several Phase I and Phase II assessments in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Gulf South region including sites for drum transportation/warehousing, manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas refining, and other industrial and some commercial property transactions.

    Performed a due diligence project of several hundred product storage tanks at a facility in south Arkansas for an oil and gas client including site assessment and observations of tank condition and integrity.

    Managed and performed a due diligence, limited compliance review, and GIS regulatory review of a historical gas plant in south Louisiana. The project included a Phase I ESA and compliance matrix report and maps showing GIS results.

    Confidential Power, Construction, Manufacturing, and Other Projects

    Performed compliance and due diligence for an electrical generation facility in north Louisiana for a confidential Power sector client including a desktop review, site visit, and summary report. The site visit was conducted with the client contact and a junior level staff member undergoing training.

    Managed several Phase I due diligence projects for $1.5 MM client for sites in Texas and Louisiana including construction/demolition projects.

    Performed litigation support including technical research and completion of opinions for a contaminated site case for a large North American wood treating chemical company in coordination with attorneys.

    Performed due diligence for a cell tower facility in south Louisiana including a desktop review, site visit, and summary report. The client was a confidential Power sector client. Based on the site visit, the transaction was cancelled because of environmental issues identified.


    Managed a desktop due diligence and limited compliance project for a heavy equipment manufacturing company including sites in California, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, and Canada. The project tasks included review of environmental concerns and compliance issues and other items including EHS management systems and health and safety compliance. The summary report provided site background, findings, and site reports for each asset included site descriptions, setting, history, environmental reports information, database review results, and site visit observations.

    Managed and performed a due diligence and limited compliance project for a wood products company for sites in north Louisiana, east Texas, and Ontario (Canada) including Phase I ESA and limited compliance reporting. Phase II ESA activities were conducted at two sites (Louisiana and Canada) including soil and ground water sampling of borings and existing monitoring wells. Follow-up activities included budgetary cost estimation for potential remediation activities associated with Phase II findings including an existing unpermitted landfill, organics impacts, and stockpiled waste material.

    Confidential Chemical Facilities

    Managed and performed a due diligence baseline assessment of an active chemical facility during initial transition of a new operating company including multi-media issues (air, water, waste, and other media) and related compliance items. The project also included environmental permitting, health and safety compliance and personnel engagement, and CFATS components.

    Performed a Phase I ESA and limited compliance review of a portion of a major chemical facility in south Louisiana in association with a potential transaction. The project included review of historical remediation documentation and site historical documents and several interactions with the site owner EHS representatives regarding findings.  Due to the complexity of site issues, it was several months before the project was completed and reports were finalized.

    Managed and performed due diligence and compliance assessment assistance at a cosmetics facility in Lafayette including an ASTM Phase I ESA and limited compliance report.

    Managed and performed a preliminary due diligence project for a municipal client associated with a potential environmental issue in a residential area. Deliverables included a summary of estimated cost ranges associated with Phase I and II ESAs and other necessary environmental studies (e.g., geological, etc.).

    Contaminated Site Management

    Confidential Manufacturing Facility

    Managed a $5 MM Bona Fide Purchaser Program (BFPP) project for a major alumina processing facility in southeastern Louisiana with project tasks including site investigation, ground water modeling and risk-based assessment, regulatory compliance, remediation technology evaluation, site remediation, monitored natural attenuation, insitu chemical injection, and other technical approaches for closing of four separate sites at the facility. Three closures were granted by the state agency out of four sites.


    Managed spill assessment, risk-based assessment, regulatory compliance, and remediation of a LNAPL release at a paint manufacturer in Louisiana. Activities included regulatory review, investigation, LDEQ release notification, risk assessment, and corrective action toward closure. NFA was granted by the state agency for the site.

    Asset Funding Group

    Managed a $1M project for the return to commerce of a former drum recycling property in Texas. The facility had been heavily damaged by wind associated with Hurricane Rita. Activates included site assessment, environmental regulatory compliance, risk-based evaluation, disposal of accumulated hazardous and nonhazardous waste materials, and decontamination and demolition of the drum recycling building.


    Managed remediation construction work at NORM and hydrocarbon impacted pipe inspection facility in Amelia, Louisiana including final submittal of Corrective Action Report.

    Other Clients

    Conducted several other smaller remediation and compliance projects throughout the Gulf Coast Area including noise surveys, site cleanups, excavation remediation projects, sampling work, asbestos sampling, and others.

    Phillips 66

    Managed Phase II RFI and risk assessment and other investigations for major oil company at active refinery in Lake Charles, Louisiana including all aspects of field sampling (e.g. soil, groundwater, etc.) activities, safety oversight, reporting, client interactions, field team inspections, data analysis, and overall strategy development and implementation.

    Fort Polk

    Managed and performed seven years of work at an active Louisiana military installation including compliance assessments, ground water monitoring, and management of hazardous waste landfills, UXO clearance, investigation, remediation, excavation, well installation, well P&A, and asbestos sampling.


    As a field geologist, performed a RCRA RFI at a major oil refinery including included completion of soil borings (250+), geotechnical sampling, sediment sampling, and installation of monitoring wells, compliance assessments, and soil gas surveys.

    Lockheed Martin

    Managed several National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) projects at the Michoud Assembly Center including a NEPA EIA, an assessment of monitored natural attenuation (MNA) and analytical modeling of chlorinated compounds in ground water at three area, a borrow canal risk-based assessment and investigation, and others.

    Incident Response


    Managed corporate advisory project to assist a major global chemical client in identifying and selecting qualified distribution emergency response services. The scope of the work included global operation in North and South America, Europe/Africa/Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Tasks included development of requests for qualifications and proposals, reviewing submittals and bids, evaluating results, interfacing with client representatives in regions, presentation reports, and planning for design and build phases of the global ER system.


    Managed and assisted with a spill response and remediation project for PSC’s Jeanerette facility including fast spill response site visit, agency reporting, onsite sampling, client coordination, contractor liaison, compliance, and remediation reporting. The project was completed over an approximately 6-month timeframe. Additional project work including updating SPCC and SWPPP plans and tank integrity evaluations. Closure was granted by the state agency for the remediation at the site.

    Confidential Manufacturing Facility

    Managed an incident response project at major manufacturing facility in Louisiana associated with a mercury release. The consulting firm provided safety subject matter expert assistance, work planning, air monitoring, sampling, and technical assistance through the project. The project was conducted over approximately 3 months.


    Managed incident response at a major steel facility in Louisiana associated with a caustic release. The consulting firm assisted with fast spill response site visit, agency reporting, onsite sampling, client coordination, contractor liaison, compliance, and remediation reporting. The project was conducted over approximately 3 months including follow-up activities.

    Other Projects

    Confidential Major Oil and Gas Client

    In response to a federal environmental compliance order, managed the team who developed “first-of-a-kind” waste plans for the oil and gas industry for a major oil and gas client in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The client submitted the plans to the EPA with no negative comments. The plans were for large facilities located in the Gulf of Mexico.


    Performed waste characterization and compliance consultation services for local chemical facility including assistance in site-wide solid and hazardous waste compliance self-audit, shipments of solid and liquid waste, waste stream sampling, waste profiling, waste inventory, and wastewater treatment.

    Fort Polk

    Prepared several hundred safety plans for various projects for investigations, construction, engineering, asbestos, unexploded ordnance, deep drilling, and other projects as an environmental consultant. In addition, was involved in implementation of safety guidelines for the environmental industry, construction and remediation projects, oil and gas industry (onshore/offshore), and on Superfund projects.


    Performed litigation support including technical research and completion of opinions for a contaminated site case for a large North American wood treating chemical company in coordination with attorneys.

    Confidential Oil and Gas Client

    Managed several inspections and radioactive testing projects for Class II salt-water injection well for a major petroleum company in coastal Louisiana. Assessed regulatory compliance and negotiated a new schedule with the LDNR for Cement Bond Log.