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  • GIS Mapping
  • Project Management
  • Data Management
  • Historical Mapping

  • Full Profile

    Kris is a detail driven environmental professional with over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry and has developed her career by utilizing her natural curiosity and penchant toward research to be largely self-taught in a variety of areas. She is experienced in the development and management of GIS databases and enjoys digging into the details of database management. Kris has handled the information management for active and inactive chemical manufacturing facilities. She is proficient in ArcGIS Desktop, Locus EIM, Access, and MS Excel/Word/PowerPoint. Kris consistently earns the respect of her clients and co-workers with her can do attitude.


    • B.A. Health Promotion, Purdue, University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1995
    • B.S. Dietetics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1994


    Groundwater Data Experience – Confidential Client

    GIS Specialist

    Combined existing analytical tools to establish a method for analyzing groundwater data against numerous parameters.

    Utilized standard statistical queries available within Locus Environmental Information Management (EIM) software and combined queried outputs within MS Excel using Vlookup functions.

    Applied conditional formatting in MS Excel to color code data based upon multiple conditions. Utilized MS Excel to apply site specific data filtering customization for future project needs.

    Developed step by step instructions to facilitate replication of the process by other project teams, regardless of their database/spreadsheet skillset.

    Field Photograph Inventory Database

    GIS Specialist

    Project anticipated the collection of over 1,000 field photographs during a sampling event and prior reporting methods resulted in an unwieldy document in both file size and formatting labor.

    Inclusion of all field photographs was a regulatory reporting requirement.

    Constructed and administered a MS Access database which enabled efficient image cataloging and created an exported report which was significantly more manageable.

    Rather than storing the image file within the database, the image pathway was stored which enabled the database size to remain small. Additionally, the database report generated a PDF file which resulted in a smaller file size than MS Word document. Furthermore, reformatting images for use in other documents was eliminated as image template reports were included within the database. The approach that Kris used became a standard practice on multiple sites and project needs.

    Implementation of Mobile App for Field Data Collection

    GIS Specialist

    Kris was the key point of contact responsible for communicating with the chemists and project managers to reload the analytical plan into software for use on mobile devices. Responsibilities included uploading and validation of historical site environmental data (groundwater elevation data, well construction information, well field parameter records) into Locus EIM, allowing data to be accessible on mobile devices during field data collection. Other key aspects included configuration of data validation rules for data collection; training field members on use of mobile data entry; and interface with software developers to accomplish client’s goals.

    Site Overview – Prospective Real Estate Buyer

    GIS Specialist

    Project team required a means to communicate site overview/site conditions to both technical and non-technical individuals. Unable to secure temporary access to Locus EIM database for prospective buyers, utilized ArcGIS file geodatabase to import/organize 20 years of analytical data. Provided buyers with ArcGIS Explorer file which joined analytical data with sample point locations. In addition, Kris provided buyers with detailed site map as a layered PDF. Layered PDF included general site features (labeled roads, buildings, utilities) and all sampling locations along with the buyers site development layers. Utilized grouped layer feature to organize site features by level of detail/need. The buyers also received written instructions documenting how to use layered PDF and the ArcExplorer map file.

    GIS Data Management – Multiple Clients

    GIS Specialist

    Kris has provided GIS data management for multiple project sites for clients in the chemical manufacturing industry.

    Routinely generates report maps and data tables for various project deliverables.