Quote To Live By: “Just do the best you can, that is all you can do.”


  • Environmental investigation
  • Waste management
  • Remediation construction management
  • Remediation system operation, maintenance, optimization, performance monitoring, and reporting
  • Field operations.


  • Full Profile

    Mark Smith has 20 years experience in all aspects of environmental investigation and remediation.  He specialized in timely and cost-effective implementation of complex assignments.  Mark is a hands-on task manager with a focus on client satisfaction.  His unique combination of real-world hands-on experience and education assures high-quality, on-time, and on-budget outcomes when he coordinated or oversees environmental investigations, remediation construction, or remediation O&M, optimization, and performance monitoring projects. 


    • Associate of Arts in Business, April 2012
    • Enrolled in online program to complete bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.


     Certification and Training

    • 40-hour HAZWOPER Certified
    • 8-hour OSHA Supervisor
    • OSHA Confined Space
    • Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector (NPDES)
    • Certified Project Administrator
    • Certified Assistant Project Manager
    • Confined Space Entry Permit Writer
    • Hot Work Permit Writer
    • DOT Hazardous Waste Materials Shipping Certification
    • RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Certification.


    Key Experience

    Field Operations Manager/Remediation System Installation Leader

    Duties include preparation of proposals and cost estimates, job setup; oversee budgetary issues, invoices and reports.  Schedule all field activities and handle all logistical aspects.  Manage, train and mentor all field and staff level personnel.  Supervise all self-perform construction and remediation projects.

    Specific project experience includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    Conoco/Phillips Refinery, Lake Charles, LA:  Site supervisor for the installation of a vapor recovery system that uses electric-generated heat to volatilize EDC plume.

    Ashepoo: Former Conoco/Phillips Phosphate and Fertilizer Facility, Charleston, SC: Site supervisor and lead operator for the self-performed remediation project which included the precision excavation/removal of approximately 42,000 cubic yards of post process slag from soil.

    Former Landia Chemical Company, Lakeland, FL:  Site supervisor and lead operator for the self-performed remediation project which included the precision excavation/removal of approximately 50,000 yards of pesticide impacted soil containing dioxins as well as the in-situ pH treatment of soil below the water table.

    Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site, Tallahassee, FL: The site is a 24-acre area called Cascades Park that is being remediated to create a world-class city park.  Responsible for the inspection of all aspects of park construction including, but not limited to:  installation of all underground utilities (gas, storm water sewer, and sanitary sewer), water (potable and re-use), electric, fiber optic, 12’ x 8’ and 8’ x 3’ underground box culvert, retaining wall construction, pond construction, sheet pile installation, site grading, roadway construction, sidewalk construction, curb construction.

    Former Conoco/Phillips Fertilizer Facility, Cayce, SC: Site supervisor for the excavation/removal of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of lead and arsenic impacted soils in conjunction with in-situ pre-treatment of excessively impacted materials with reagent to lower the levels for transportation to Subtitle D facility.

    Project Manager: Manage 70 personnel in conducting all aspects and daily operation of Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs) in Iraq, handling hazardous waste produced by the U.S. and Iraqi Military.  Perform all Health and Safety training and documentation for facility.  Manage categorization, segregation, inventory, manifesting, and transportation of Haz-Waste from Forward Operating Bases to the TSDFs.  Manage day-to-day operation of Haz-Waste incinerator, solar treatment ponds, waste stabilization and solidification, acid and base neutralization, and land farm for treatment of Haz-Waste.

    Remediation Technician II: Supervise and schedule environmental technicians in groundwater sampling and operation and maintenance of remediation systems.  Build and install mobile soil vapor extraction and air sparge systems.  Repair and troubleshoot malfunction of remediation systems.  Member of Anthrax sampling team, sampling Government Facility Mail Rooms in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GA, and Memphis, TN.

    Environmental Technician II: Manage installation and maintenance of complex, multimedia environmental remediation systems.  Supervise onsite remedial construction contractors and field technicians.  Frequent client contact and communication. Troubleshoot and repair pneumatic, electrical and mechanical system components of environmental remediation systems.  Oversee and conduct local, state, and federal permit compliance, sampling, and reporting.  Purchase and maintain test equipment and vehicles.

    Foreman: Oversee and supervise personnel involved in the on-site stabilization and solidification of particular hazardous wastes.

    Unit Technician/Truck Driver: Perform on-site stabilization and solidification process on RCRA “D” listed wastes, including blast media, paint waste, hexavalent chrome waste, acid waste, and alkali waste.  Process hazardous waste manifests, bills of lading, billing summaries, job logs, sample collection, Material Safety Data Sheets, and miscellaneous clerical duties.