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  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Management
  • Spatial Data Development and Management
  • Technical Writing

  • Full Profile

    Melissa Hollinger has five years of experience in both GIS and data management. She has been involved with the development and management of GIS data for a range of projects include transmission lining siting and permitting, environmental studies, and remediation projects. Her responsibilities have included data organization, production and maintenance and map generation, development, and production. Some specific tasks have included submittal of transmission tower locations through the FAA’s notice criteria tool and subsequently filing through the FAA’s web interface. Project work often includes compilation of data from varied sources including engineering CAD drawings, GPS data, LiDAR data, and state environmental data. Additionally, she has collaborated with colleagues to automate and streamline processes to establish more efficient and accurate methods for completing tasks.


    • M.S., Urban Spatial Analytics, University of Pennsylvania
    • B.S., Geology, Lafayette College


    Transmission Line Siting and Permitting Experience

    Confidential Client, Electric Utility 
    GIS Analyst

    Project included siting of 60 miles of new high voltage electric transmission line in Pennsylvania. The GIS component included maintenance of spatial data and preparation of data for the siting model. This included use of ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and other GIS toolsets to quantify, modify, and eventually rasterize the input data files. The model developed a number of alternative routes, which were scored, ranked, and presented to the public for comment. Once a single route was chosen, the project and GIS work continued through environmental studies, permitting, real estate negotiations, and eventually construction.

    Confidential Client, Electric Utility 
    GIS Analyst

    Project included environmental studies, alternative analysis, and permitting of the rebuilding of six separate electric transmission lines in New Jersey. GIS work was a necessary component of the project as each line moved through the different phases of planning through to construction. This included assistance with field mapping for environmental studies through to developing that permit plans, which were submitted to state and federal agencies.

    Ecological Risk Assessment Experience

    Confidential Client, Contaminated Site Investigation
    GIS Analyst

    GIS component included management of underlying spatial datasets and generation of visual representations of biological and ecological studies and sampling efforts throughout a large watershed.

    Geosciences Assessment Experience

    Confidential Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP)
    GIS Analyst

    Managed spatial data for various soil, groundwater, and soil vapor sampling programs on and around the contaminated site. Generated report and analysis maps depicting contaminant contours, groundwater contours, and contaminant exceedances within the former MGP and surrounding area.