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  • Hydrogeology
  • Environmental Site Investigations
  • Site Demolition and Tank Excavation Assessments
  • LANPL Assessment
  • Ecology

  • Full Profile

    Michael is a project hydrogeologist with over 9 years of diverse environmental consulting experience. His main areas of interest are hydrogeology and environmental sustainability. Michael began his career in 2008 as an Ecologist providing support on several key Victorian road, rail, and land developments.

    Since completing his honors degree in 2010, Michael has worked as an Environmental Scientist with a focus in hydrogeology. Michael’s multidisciplinary experience includes:

    • Contaminated site investigations (surface water, groundwater, soil, sediment and soil gas).
    • Conceptual site model development.
    • Drilling, bore installation, development and aquifer testing. 


    • Bachelor of Environmental Science with First Class Honours, Hydrogeology, La Trobe University (Bundoora), 2004-2010
    • Bachelor of Biological Science, La Trobe University (Bundoora), 2004-2010


    • Occupation Health and Safety Construction Induction, Victoria, 2009
    • Work Safe WA Construction Induction, Western Australia, 2014
    • Rail Industry Worker Issued June 2014
    • Two-day Four Wheel Drive Vehicle training courses (Motor School in VIC in 2011)



    Bayswater Level Crossing Removal Project

    Site Hydrogeologist

    As the Site Hydrogeologist, Michael supervised the construction of a bore network and conducted hydrogeological investigations to assess the likely outcome of the proposed modified rail cutting on surrounding groundwater conditions.

    Data acquired from these investigations was used to estimate seepage rates into the cutting and develop a water management plan. This information was taken into consideration when deciding on the final construction design.

    Melbourne Water Greenvale Dam Upgrade

    Site Hydrogeologist

    Michael managed the drilling and installation of a dewatering bore field, including: dewatering wells, monitoring bores and VWPs. Michael also designed, implemented and analyzed a pumping test field program, using the results to model dewatering rates. He was also responsible for ensuring works were conducted in accordance with strict engineering and safety specifications triggered by works adjacent to the dam wall.

    FMG Mine Water Supply Project

    Site Hydrogeologist

    Michael was responsible for drilling supervision, geologic logging, construction design and development of a network of production bores for mine water supply. Michael was also responsible for pump test supervision and data analysis. Additionally, he was assigned to environmentally sensitive drill locations to ensure the works did not impact sensitive habitats.

    Santos Roma Managed Aquifer Recharge Scheme

    Site Hydrogeologist

    Michael was responsible for supervising drilling operations, cementers and wireline operators, for the development of an injection and monitoring bore network associated with the $18M Roma Managed Aquifer Recharge scheme.

    ACT Government Managed Aquifer Recharge Scheme

    Site Hydrogeologist

    Michael was responsible for supervising drilling, bore construction and development operations. He also designed, implementing and analyzing pumping tests used to project injection rates.

    Santos Scotia Managed Aquifer Recharge Scheme

    Site Hydrogeologist

    For this project, bores were drilled up to 650m deep and completed with pressure cementing and telescoped screen/J-latch construction techniques. Michael provided oversight for the drilling contractors, cementers, wireline operators, and drilling waste contractors.

    Environmental Site Investigations

    Michael has over 6 years’ experience conducting contaminated land site assessments on a variety of petroleum and industrial sites across Victoria and NSW. Michael has experience sampling surface water, groundwater, soil, sediment and soil gas.

    Such sites include:

    • Service stations – various
    • Regional petroleum depots – various
    • Shell WOPL
    • Airports – Melbourne, Essendon and Albury
    • Hexion, Box Hill
    • NUPLEX, Wangaratta
    • Mobil Yarraville Terminal and Lubricants Factory
    • Mobil Spotswood Terminal
    • Thales Bendigo

    Viva/Shell Geelong Refinery

    Field Program Project Manager

    Michael was responsible for leading a team of field scientists conducting regular environmental works on the active petroleum refinery in Corio Bay. Activities included quarterly groundwater monitoring, loss of primary containment response, soil characterization, and remediation system monitoring. After taking over environmental compliance monitoring, Michael’s team was recognized both internally and by the client for their outstanding technical and safety performance.

    Site Demolition and Tank Excavation Assessments

    Swan Hill Petroleum Depot Site Demolition and Tank Excavation Program

    Site Manager

    As Site Manager, Michael was responsible for managing the dismantling of a redundant remediation system, demolition of site structures and removing all above and below ground fuel infrastructure.  Michael was also responsible for conducting stockpile, excavation and trench sampling for the purposes of characterizing the extent of petroleum impacts.

    Caltex Petroleum Depot Site Demolition and Tank Excavation Program

     Site Manager

    Michael worked as part of a multi-office team contracted to remove all above and below ground petroleum infrastructure for a large package of former service station and petroleum depot sites across Australia. Michael was responsible for a subset of sites, ensuring the safe and timely completion of works.

    Mobil Petroleum Depot Site Demolition and Tank Excavation Program

     Site Manager

    Michael was responsible for managing the stockpile, excavation and trench sampling program at two former petroleum depots in Victoria and one in NSW.

    LNAPL Investigation and Remediation

    LNAPL Baildown Testing – Various Sites

    Field Lead

    Michael is experienced in the field application of LNAPL baildown tests for the purposes of calculating LNAPL transmissivity.

    Multi-Phase Extraction– Various Sites

    Field Lead

    Michael is experienced in the supervision and monitoring of MPE trails using portable trailer or truck mounted MPE units.


    AFFF Eco Risk Assessment – Far North QLD

    Field Scientist

    After the release of AFFF into the environment, an investigation into the bioaccumulation of PFOS and PFOA in marine fauna was undertaken. Multiple trophic guilds were targeted including both vertebrate and invertebrate species. Sampling techniques were modified throughout the project maximise the catch of target species and reduce field efforts. Sediment sampling was also conducted.

    Pakenham Bypass

    Ecological Consultant

    As an ecological consultant Michael was required to be present on site during any stages of construction causing disruption to significant habitats. Michael was required to capture and relocate any displaced fauna during these works.

    Regional Fast Rail Project

    Ecological Contractor

    Michael was part of a team commissioned to manage significant habitats along the Bendigo Rail Corridor during the implementation of Victoria’s Regional Fast Rail Project.


    In 2010 “Catchment Scale Water and Salinity Impacts of Changing Land Use on the Dundas Tablelands, Western Victoria.” Presented at the IAH National Groundwater Conference in Canberra.