Rebecca Snyder

Quote To Live By: “Confidence…thrives on honesty, on humor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection, and on unselfish performance.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt


  • Site Investigation and Remediation
  • Geologic, Geotechnical, and  Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Regulatory and Compliance Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Health and Site Safety
  • Quality Management
  • Data Analysis and Application
  • Technical Writing

  • Full Profile

    Rebecca Snyder is a professional geologist with over 17 years of diverse environmental consulting experience. Rebecca’s project management experience includes a variety of regulatory frameworks including the U.S. EPA Region 5, and state programs (voluntary, transportation, UST/LUST) in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, or Wisconsin. Rebecca’s technical experience includes geologic, geotechnical, hydrogeologic, groundwater, and chemical analysis data interpretation; soil, groundwater, and NAPL remedy implementation; and various proposals, work plans, data management, and technical writing. Rebecca’s field experience includes investigation and remedial action program management and execution; soil classification; drilling oversight for HSA, direct push, air, water, and mud rotary, CPT, and sonic drilling methods; bedrock, soil, groundwater, air, and NAPL sampling; groundwater, pump, packer, and slug testing; surveying; groundwater monitoring; well installation and abandonment; inclinometer and vibration testing equipment installation; remedy construction; water system operation and maintenance; geophysical surveying; landfill liner and cap installation oversight and construction testing; construction management; excavation oversight; concrete and soil testing for construction projects.


    • BS/Geology/1987/University of Wisconsin-Madison


    • Professional Geologist/ Illinois
    •  OSHA HAZWoper 40-Hour
    • OSHA HAZWoper 8-Hour
    • OSHA General Industry Training 30-Hour
    • 8-Hour Supervisor Training for Hazardous Waste Worker
    • Nuclear Gauge Safety Training
    • Three Rivers Manufacturing Association (TRMA) Safety Training
    • E-Rail Safety Training
    • American Heart First Aid, CPR and AED


    Former Gas Manufacturing Plants – Illinois EPA
    Assistant Project Manager, Field Lead, and Safety Officer

    Rebecca’s role included project contracting, scheduling, budgeting, execution, documentation, and reporting. The sites included soil, gas, groundwater and NAPL investigations, water treatment system operations, and hazardous waste containment. Rebecca’s work included geologic logging; piezometer, monitoring, and bedrock well installation; groundwater and air monitoring; DANPL and LNAPL product recovery; vertical soil, rock and aquifer profiling; drilling oversight of direct push, HSA, water rotary; geophysical logging oversight; well and discrete groundwater sampling; hydraulic bedrock testing using packers; aquifer pump and transducers testing. Data analysis of soil, groundwater, NAPL, geophysical, chemical, and aquifer testing. Writing for proposal, work plans, health and safety plan, site investigation, technical reporting under TACO.

    Active Steel Mill – U.S. EPA Region 5 and Indiana DEM
    Field Team Lead and Trainer, Assistant Project Manager

    Rebecca’s field role included field oversight, investigation, training and plan execution. Rebecca’s office role was project assistant for groundwater monitoring for site-wide, landfill, and water treatment system projects, and data and chemical interpretation, technical guidance, and report writing. Rebecca’s work included geologic logging; monitoring, extraction, recovery well installation; groundwater pilot study execution (SVE, injection, ART trial); soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, air and gas sampling, free product recovery and sampling; extraction well system operation; slug and pump testing. Drilling oversight using direct push, HSA, mud rotary, and Sonic. Technical documentation and report writing. Proposal and technical guidance for a site wide groundwater investigation involving more than 500 groundwater monitoring wells.

    Active Refinery Chemical Facility – Illinois Spill Response Program
    Assistant Project Manager, Field Lead and Site Safety Officer

    Rebecca’s role was project contracting, scheduling, budgeting, execution, documentation, and reporting for several site investigations that delineated contamination extent of various constituents impacting soil, groundwater and surface water and site remediation. Rebecca’s field work included excavation and construction oversight; air quality and site condition monitoring; surveying; groundwater monitoring; free product recovery. Rebecca’s office roles included technical writing (SIR/RIR/ROR/CDR/CAP/CACR), proposals, project execution.

    Municipal Well Field – Michigan DEQ
    Assistant Project Manager and Field Lead

    The project was a very-large scale on-going soil and groundwater investigation to recovery PCE/TCE and related chemicals. The site has several extraction wells, pumping systems with operation and maintenance. Rebecca’s field role included field lead and site safety officer for geologic logging; discrete soil and groundwater sampling; well installation; vertical aquifer profiling; mobile laboratory coordination; waste disposal. Rebecca’s office role included 3-D geologic and groundwater site modeling; groundwater, chemical and hydraulic data review and analysis; public administration; project contracting, scheduling, budgeting, documentation (proposals, work plans, HASP, SIR, technical reports, regulatory monitoring reports) and site presentations.

    Various Projects (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota)
    Project Management

    Project Management for LUST Sites and Closure, Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA, Geotechnical Investigation, Environmental Investigations. Rebecca’s role was client liaison, project contracting, invoicing, scheduling, budgeting, execution, documentation, reporting, and supporting. Sites were included in property transactions, railroad corridor study, deed restrictions, liability and protection, release sites (e.g., dry cleaners), above and underground storage tank removal, and/or closure at release sites or areas of previous investigation.

    Rebecca has assisted in several other projects in either a field or office capacity. Rebecca’s other roles, apart from the duties mentioned above, included design and implementation of engineered barriers; geotechnical drilling oversight for bridge construction, roadway, or river alteration projects; geotechnical data interpretation; soil, bedrock, and groundwater investigation for chemical transport in fractured bedrock; curb and gutter installation oversight; on-site concrete and soil testing (dry weight, density testing using Troxler); surveying; topsoil volume estimation; landfill liner construction oversight (soil compaction below landfill liner, liner destructive testing, air pressure testing, and vacuum box testing, landfill cap); vibration monitoring equipment installation and analysis in relation to demolition activities; soil inclinometer installation and analysis to determine soil subsidence from heating soils to remove VOC impacts above the groundwater table; well and pump and treat system abandonment; installation of continuous multichannel tubing wells; technical reporting on a shallow ditch located at an active refinery which assessed historical data, groundwater chemistry and flow, groundwater monitoring, MNA, biodegradation, impact of surface water and retaining walls, groundwater modeling; water well surveys, geophysical logging and interpretation; removal of PCB-impacted soil material; erosion control construction oversight along back on river; gas station retail site investigations and reporting; traffic counting to study traffic patterns; sidewalk safety analysis; flow rate of rivers; water management in excavations and trenches.