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  • Environmentally Impaired Assets/Liabilities
  • Remediation Program Management
  • Environmental Risk Management and Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Environmental Liability Transfer and Structure

  • Full Profile

    As the PRP Service Line Leader, Reynolds brings over 25 years’ experience in the environmental industry including engineering, consulting, liability transfers and risk management. Reynolds has hands-on experience as Project Director for several remediation sites in both North America and Asia. He also developed and managed environmental financial assurance products for major projects in the United States.  Reynolds has a rare combination of technical expertise and business experience, allowing him to provide innovative solutions to address our client’s environmental issues.


    •  MBA, The George Washington University
    • Civil and Sanitary Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Virginia Military Institute


    Superfund Experience

    Superfund Site, Region III

    Legacy Manufacturing Facility

    Project Manager/Director

    Reynolds served as the Project Manager for this former manufacturing facility which was a source for chlorinated solvent plume in the coastal region where the groundwater was used for drinking water purposes. The site was listed on NPL and the EPA ordered the client to remediate to SDWA standards.

    Reynolds represented the PRP at all meetings with the State/EPA, other stakeholders, and site personnel.

    In addition, he managed all aspects of RD/RA process, including document preparation and approval process, engineering design, contracting, construction, system operation, and monitoring.

    He initiated the ESD process to augment groundwater extraction, treatment and reinjection system, and two air sparging/ soil vacuum extraction operations.

    Project costs were approximately $13MM over nine years.

    Overcame obstacles of adverse PRP party, personnel changes within client structure, and significant disagreements between state and EPA offices that resulted in split oversight and dual consent orders.

    Liability Assumption and Remediation, Southwestern USA

    Project Manager/Director

    To allow a corporate M&A to go forward, Reynold’s employer assumed liability and ownership of a communication tower which had been constructed on an un-licensed lead disposal site. The property was located within a densely populated urban area.

    Reynolds engaged the state regulators and entered the site into a voluntary cleanup program where he managed the site investigation and oversaw the design and installation of the approved remedial capping system.

    The site received NFA within 19 months of project inception and the project was completed on time and below the $7.0MM budget.

    After site cleanup, all future liability and obligations transferred to original polluter.

    During the process, Reynolds helped the client overcome obstacles including litigious adjacent site owners, severe weather including drought and flood, and adverse effects of entrenched local political interests.

    Industrial Site Decommissioning and Remediation, Near Tokyo, Japan

    Project Manager/Director

    An American manufacturing company was decommissioning a former manufacturing facility in Japan and constructing an office building on site. However, prior to demolition, 1,800 cubic meters of PCB-contaminated soil had to be excavated and entombed on site. (Japanese regulations prohibited transport of hazardous wastes over road, rail, sea or air).

    Reynolds worked with client’s American and Japanese employees, their construction contractor, and architect. Our solution was to construct a subsurface, watertight vault beneath the future facility’s parking lot.

    Coordinated with local and regional government representatives, two labor unions (one ‘radical’ or communist), and the residential neighbors.

    Identified and retained local engineer to oversee remediation efforts and reported to Reynolds daily.

    Completed project within budget and without impacting new construction design or schedule.


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