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  • Environmental Investigations
  • Site Remediation / System Operation and Optimization
  • LNAPL/DNAPL Investigation and Recovery
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Environmental Data Analysis and Application
  • Environmental Site Assessments / Compliance Audits.

  • Full Profile

    Scott Lindenmuth is a Senior Environmental Scientist with 14 years of environmental consulting experience.  His project experience has been focused on site investigation, remediation, and environmental compliance consulting.  Specific project experience includes soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water investigations; NAPL characterization and recovery; remedial technology selection, implementation, and operation; remedial system construction management; remedy optimization; project management; and environmental compliance and due diligence consulting.  Scott is a dedicated client advocate committed to helping them find the right solution – the first time.


    • BS/Environmental Management/2004/Indiana University-Bloomington, IN. Minor/Biology.

    Registrations and Certifications

    • Illinois EPA – Class K Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Operator License
    • OSHA HAZWOPER  40-hour Safety Training and current 8-hour refresher
    • OSHA HAZWOPER 8-hour Site Supervisor Training
    • OSHA 10-hour Construction Worker Training
    • Smith System Defensive Driving Course
    • E-RailSafe Railroad Worker Safety Training
    • American Heart Association First Aid, CPR & AED Certified
    • Transportation Worker Identification Credential.

    Key Projects

    Former Aluminum Fabrication Facility – Southwest Chicago (2005 – 2011)

    Scott supervised installation and operation of two pneumatically-driven LNAPL recovery systems. During operation, he was responsible for monitoring site remedial progress and system performance metrics through collection and evaluation of technical data. He composed separate RACRs for each recovery system and successfully received closure from the Illinois EPA. During operation, Mr. Lindenmuth was responsible for submitting quarterly reports to client and the Illinois EPA regarding remedial progress and LNAPL recovery. Following redevelopment, including installation of all engineered barriers, Scott completed remedial action status reports for 11 subparcels on the property; having been granted NFR letters from the Illinois EPA for all.

    Former Military Engine Testing Facility – Southwest Chicago (2008 – 2010)

    Scott served in a primary support role during an extended off-site soil and groundwater investigation. He also assisted in evaluation of groundwater investigation data. Scott was responsible for operation and performance of the on-site air stripper groundwater treatment system. He completed monthly, quarterly, and semiannual NPDES compliance reports for submittal to the client and appropriate agencies.

    Oil Refinery and Tank Farm – Northwest Indiana (2010 – 2011)

    Scott operated in a leadership role during the investigation, delineation, and containment of a LNAPL plume within an active tank farm. He was responsible for evaluating current and historical data to assess remedial options with the primary goal of containment of mobile LNAPL in the area. This included constructing a LNAPL conceptual site model for the area, geologic cross-sections, and hydrographs of LNAPL and groundwater gauging data. Scott assisted in the design of several options for LNAPL containment for consideration by the client.

    Former MGP Site – Central Illinois (2009 – 2011)

    Scott performed as the primary site supervisor and system operator for a multi-phase on-site groundwater treatment system. He was responsible for monitoring and evaluating system performance. He managed personnel assisting with regular system maintenance and operation and coordinated regular compliance performance metric reporting responsibilities to the client and agencies. Scott also conducted an investigation of LNAPL and DNAPL to characterize extent, recoverability, and physical characteristics. He completed monitoring and recovery reporting including recommendations to the client for further action. He assisted in presenting remedial options for existing aqueous and non-aqueous phase contaminants.

    Former Oil Refinery and Tank Farm Facility – Southern Chicago (2005 – 2011)

    Scott served in the capacity of field team leader for regular groundwater monitoring events. He coordinated and provided oversight of three groundwater sampling crews responsible for sampling approximately 150 monitoring wells. He completed an evaluation of LNAPL transmissivity values for the site during LNAPL recovery feasibility testing. He also oversaw free-phase hydrocarbon exploratory soil borings at the facility and installed monitoring wells as part of subsurface investigations. Scott assisted in the production of investigation summary reports for the client and agencies.

    Chemical Manufacturing Facility – Northern Illinois (2006 – 2011)

    Scott operated in the capacity of field supervisor for environmental consulting services at an active chemical facility. He was responsible for coordinating with the client and agencies for quarterly groundwater sampling events to monitor dissolved-phase impacts. He oversaw the installation of overburden and bedrock borings and installation of monitoring wells during further investigation as part of on-going litigation using roto-sonic drilling technology. Scott assisted in the expansion of an on-site groundwater pump and treat system including installation of recovery wells and associated pumps and piping. Other activities at the facility Scott has coordinated and performed include sediment sampling of three settling ponds, surface water sampling, and area residential sampling.

    Groundwater Monitoring Zone – Northern Illinois (2005 – 2011)

    Scott was responsible for oversight of a 30-yr VOC GMZ. He performed semi-annual groundwater sampling of twelve monitoring wells and facilitated other services on an as-needed basis. He also completed piezometric contour maps of the site on a quarterly basis.

    Active Steel Mill – Northwest Indiana (2005 – 2009)

    Scott participated in soil and groundwater investigations throughout an active facility. Work included supervision of HSA drilling operations and soil classification during the site-wide investigation. He participated in sediment sampling of several lagoons and completed regular groundwater sampling events.

    Paper Manufacturing Facilities – Midwest Region (2007)

    Scott participated in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and limited regulatory compliance audits of several paper mills throughout Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. He completed technical reports for submittal to the client in preparation for sale of the facilities.

    Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

    Scott has completed subsurface investigations at a wide range of facilities including manufacturing, industrial, retail gas station, and underground storage tank sites. Responsibilities have included project scoping; preparation of work plans and budgets; internal project setup, implementation, data evaluation, and technical reporting.

    Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

    Scott has completed assessments for a variety of commercial and industrial clients in Illinois, Indiana, California, and Colorado. He has been responsible for project management within large Phase I portfolios including tracking of project schedules and budgets. He has conducted site reconnaissance visits, completed technical reports and participated in their progression to Phase II investigations, as necessary. Based on evaluation of site RECs, Scott has made recommendations to clients for further action.