• Soil and Groundwater Contamination Investigation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Design and Contracting
  • Development Projects
  • Waste Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Auditing
  • Land Use Planning
  • Management Systems
  • Due Diligence
  • Policy Development and Training
  • Expert Witness

  • Full Profile

    Simon has over 28 years of practical, hands-on experience performing and managing health, environmental, and safety (HES) projects. Simon is very focused on delivery of a quality product, conducts his work with a no-nonsense approach and is always looking for practical and commercially focused solutions. Projects completed have typically been highly complex in nature and involved multi-disciplinary teams.

    Work has been performed principally in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, but he has also worked in Northern Ireland, Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Singapore, China and Antarctica. Principal work areas of expertise include soil and groundwater contamination investigation, risk assessment, remediation design and contracting, development projects, waste management, emergency management, environmental permitting, auditing, land use planning, management systems, due diligence, policy development and training, and expert witness.

    Simon has spent 18 years working as an international environmental consultant and approximately 10 years working for an international oil company (Chevron/Caltex). As a consultant, he has worked in a technical capacity, held business development and client management roles, started businesses and technical groups and has held line management responsibilities and board/director positions. For Chevron, he held various technical and management roles, including HES manager and environmental technical support for the Asia Pacific business.

    Simon’s current and previous work experience, in particular his industry experience, requires him to be highly business and commercially focused, while assisting and ensuring various operations remain complaint with regulatory and corporate requirements. This was exemplified in 2005 when he was presented the Chairman’s Award for “professionally and passionately protecting the reputation of Caltex New Zealand Ltd”. Simon’s previous industry role has provided him with a sound working knowledge of a large multi-national corporate and how HES forms an integral part of everyday business.

    Simon has published/presented over 20 technical papers in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. He is well known by New Zealand industry and central/ local government environment agencies and his technical competency and integrity are well recognized/respected within the environmental industry. In addition, he has worked closely with the Ministry of the Environment at several levels over the last 20 years.

    Simon is intimately involved in fostering improvements in the New Zealand contaminated land industry through his involvement in running ALGA New Zealand, work for the WasteMINZ Contaminated Land Sector Group establishing an accreditation system for New Zealand contaminated land professionals, and registrar for the New Zealand CEnvP – Contaminated Site Specialist scheme.


    • Master of Science and Diploma of Imperial College, Environmental Technology, Imperial College/Royal School of Mines, United Kingdom, 1989
    • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Geology (Major), College of St Paul and St Mary, United Kingdom, 1985

    Certifications and Training

    • Fellow of the Geological Society, London
    • Chartered Geologist
    • Chartered Environmental Practitioner – Contaminated Site Specialist

    Key Experience