Quote To Live By: “How we Walk with the Broken Speaks Louder than How we Sit with the Great.” -Bill Bennot


  • Site investigation and remediation
  • Superfund
  • Groundwater and geotechnical investigations
  • Forensic hydrogeologic/hydrogeochemical investigations

  • Full Profile

    Stephanie has more than 16 years of experience focused on technical and managerial hydrology and environmental consulting. Her environmental experience includes managing projects that involve pesticides, chlorinated solvents, hazardous substances and petroleum products; groundwater monitoring and sampling; indoor air quality sampling, soil and soil gas sampling; soil sampling and lithologic logging; along with innovated remediation techniques.  Stephanie’s consulting experience includes working for private sector markets such as industrial and petroleum, as well as Federal and Municipal. She has regulatory experience with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), local cities, and various state regulations.

    Stephanie is a high-energy, results-oriented leader with a solid analytical foundation and project management background that has a track record for driving results, and has the capability to develop and leverage relationships in multiple market sectors.  She has acted as the project accountant and client manager for numerous site investigation and remediation projects. Responsibilities have included project planning, costing, scheduling, schedule management and tracking of the project’s financial status and project re-planning.   


    • MBA, University of Phoenix
    • B.S., Geology (Environmental Geology), Minor in Economics, NAU


    • 40-hour OSHA Health & Safety Training for Hazardous Waste Sites
    • 8-hour OSHA Supervisor Training; Hazardous Waste Management and Emergency Response
    • Grade 1 Water Distribution System Certification, AZ #22807


    Superfund Experience

    Phoenix-Goodyear Airport-North Superfund Site, AZ, Crane Co.

    Program Manager

    Program Manager in charge of all ongoing remedial investigation and active remediation activities at the site (2009 to date). Current scope of work at the site includes sampling/monitoring of over 180 monitor, production and extraction wells; operation and maintenance of five groundwater treatment systems utilizing ion exchange for perchlorate removal and air stripping, or granular activated carbon for trichloroethene (TCE) removal; ongoing groundwater investigation including the installation of approximately 12 monitoring wells annually; oversight of the development of the groundwater flow and fate/transport models; ongoing conduit well investigation; design/installation of additional extraction and injection wells with associated expansion of existing treatment systems; ongoing source area investigations; and source area remediation using a combination of in-situ technologies (macro and nano-scale zero valent iron and bioremediation).

    Worked with the client’s external audit group on an annual basis to complete the verification of activities, review of documents, and current systems in place to ensure compliance.  Preparation of a Memorandum detailing the project activities and significant changes on an annual basis, along with a detailed analysis of the company’s reserves associated with the project.

    Site Investigation & Remediation Experience

    Water Distribution System O&M, Phoenix, AZ, City of Phoenix

    Project Manager

    Project Manager responsible for preparing monthly progress reports for submittal to client, coordinating and conducting monthly total coliform sampling, accepting water deliveries based on free chlorine residual concentrations measured by field test kits from a county certified water hauler, performing general inspections of water system operations and preparing proposals for upgrades and/or new work for the water system, as required.

    Site Investigation, Indoor Air Quality and Remediation, Phoenix, Arizona, Salt River Project

    Field Manager

    Field Manager for a Site investigation program at an EPA Superfund Site. Contaminants of concern are volatile organic compounds, including TCE and tetrachloroethene (PCE). Activities included active soil gas sampling investigation, indoor air quality sampling, removal and sampling of area surrounding sump, reporting, quality assurance/quality control, data validation and project problem solving. Stephanie also assisted in the development of the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Work Plan, Site Health and Safety Plan and the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the site.

    Site Investigation and Remediation, Phoenix, AZ, Avis Budget Group

    Project Manager

    Project Manager for a former car rental facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. Prepared an Additional Site Investigation Work Plan to delineate and remove total petroleum hydrocarbons and PCE impacted soils from the Site subsurface. Site activities included liquid characterization for disposal, soil excavation of impacted soil, removal of two oil/water separators and the associated piping and backfilling and compacting certified clean soil.

    Remediation of UST Facilities, Various Locations in Arizona, Union Oil Company of California

    Project Manager

    Project Manager for multiple Underground Storage Tank (UST) facilities that have petroleum hydrocarbons and Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether off-site groundwater contamination. Prepared work plan, revised corrective action plans and site characterizations. Gained off-site access from private and public entities for monitoring well installation. Oversaw installation of a complex on-site air sparge/soil vapor extraction remediation system. During monitoring well installation, characterized the vertical and horizontal extent of groundwater contamination.

    Groundwater Monitoring Experience

    Groundwater Monitoring and Geophysical Survey, Chandler, AZ, Former Plymouth Tube Company Facility

    Program Manager

    Prepared a joint groundwater monitoring work plan for approval by regulatory agency. Contaminants of concern are volatile organic compounds. Activities included groundwater program planning and execution, reporting, quality assurance/quality control, data validation, and project problem solving. A geophysical survey work plan was prepared for the EPA.

    Groundwater Monitoring Program, Goodyear, AZ, Crane Co.

    Field Manager

    Field Manager for a groundwater monitoring program at an EPA Superfund Site. Contaminants of concern are volatile organic compounds and perchlorate. Activities included groundwater program planning and execution, groundwater sampling, quarterly and annual reporting, quality assurance/quality control, data validation and project problem solving. Additionally, Stephanie assisted in the development of the Groundwater Monitoring Work Plan and the QAPP for the site. Acted as the project accountant and client management support for site evaluation and remediation projects for the site.

    Groundwater/Soil Investigations, Various Locations in Arizona, Union Oil Company of California

    Project Manager

    Project Manager for more than 19 projects that involved soil and groundwater investigations and/or corrective actions in Arizona. Drilled soil borings, collected soil samples, performed methanol preservation, installed monitoring wells, sampled groundwater and prepared reports. Contaminants of concern were petroleum hydrocarbons due to gasoline releases, chlorinated solvents, metals, and pesticides. Interfaced with clients, legal counsel and regulatory agencies.

    Environmental Site Assessments Experience

    Environmental Site Assessment, St. Johns, AZ, Tri-State

    Staff Geologist

    Staff Geologist for a 29-square mile Environmental Site Assessment in St. Johns, Arizona. Completed site reconnaissance, low-elevation ground surface reconnaissance by plane to identify areas of activity, structure locations, disturbed ground areas and potential dump sites, well water sampling and analysis of four on-site groundwater wells, and report preparation.

    Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Tucson, AZ, Cendant

    Staff Geologist

    Staff Geologist for five Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments at budget Rent-A-Car facilities located in Tucson, Arizona. Assessments performed for a property acquisition. Performed site reconnaissance, soil sampling and assisted with the preparation of reports.