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  • Environmental issue identification & management
  • Environmental monitoring programs
  • Environmental data and compliance reporting
  • Water monitoring design and implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Full Profile

    Stephen is a dedicated environmental professional with over 20 years’ experience in senior roles across various industry sectors, government and research (CSIRO). He has led and managed compliance and baseline environmental monitoring programs and has been a part of a highly-regarded team of field operatives, known for reliably working effectively and safely.

    Stephen is committed to developing innovative strategies to solve complex problems across cultural, socio-economic and scientific contexts. 

    A dedicated client advocate, he produces timely, cost effective and high quality results for his clients.  Stephen has a proven ability to build trusted relationships within a variety of settings, engaging and influencing landowners, indigenous groups across northern Australia, senior managers and executive government decision makers..   


    • Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA), QUT
    • Bachelor of Science, Australian Environmental Studies, Griffith University
    • Graduate Diploma, Sustainable Land Management, Griffith University
    • Diploma, Conservation and Land Management, Tocal College
    • Australian Rural Leadership Program, Graduate/Fellow, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation
    • Commissioner for Declarations, QLD Department of Justice


    Oil and Gas Experience


    Water Studies Leader

    Lead the development and implementation of baseline operational surface and groundwater studies across all NSW tenements. Includes the researching and implementation of innovative monitoring technologies that ensured high quality data but provide substantial ongoing cost savings.


    Community Engagement/Industry Representation & Advocacy

    Provide industry representation at key sensitive community and industry events.

    Due to the sensitive nature of the issues in NSW, broad knowledge of the technical aspects of industry, environment and community and extensive experience with similar situations ensured high quality outcomes in often very difficult circumstances.

    Government Experience

    Federal Government

    Queensland Landcare Facilitator

    Built and maintained executive level partnerships, policy liaison, intelligence collection and strategy development on behalf of the Australian Government.

    Assessment, delivery and supervision responsibilities for several multi-million- dollar policy and grant programs across Queensland.


    Research Leader/Community Engagement Specialist

    Developed industry codes of practice for the Northern Beef Industry.  Requiring extensive hands on engagement with property managers and scientific experts to prepare regionally relevant, pragmatic and scientifically robust documents for good property management for the industry.

    Built partnerships ensuring the critical mass of stakeholders was committed enabling the start of a large multi-discipline regional research project in the Kimberly WA.

    Brisbane City Council

    Program Leader

    Coordinated the development and creative thinking aspects of Brisbane’s internationally recognised WaterSmart City Strategy, a sustainability strategy that includes citywide Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and integrates socio-cultural aspects of livable cities while addressing the City’s future economic and growth needs.

    Queensland Government

    Scientist/Policy Analyst

    Developed statewide legislatively bound environmental codes of practice for the Queensland sugar industry.  In doing so provided high levels of environmental habitat protection, ensured pragmatic land management practices for industry while meeting legislative imperatives. Project was undertaken under intense ministerial, industry, and conservation group scrutiny and was hailed by academics at the time as leading example of high quality natural resource management.

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    Acknowledged Contributor

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