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  • Environmental Investigation and Assessment
  • Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Litigation Support
  • Environmental Liability Management
  • Environmental Forensics

  • Full Profile

    Dr. Tal Ijaz is highly motivated and energetic consultant with seventeen years of experience designing and implementing scientifically sound strategies to assess environmental impacts for all media, perform corporate due diligence, and manage environmental liabilities. Dr. Ijaz has successfully executed and managed projects in the areas of human health risk assessment, environmental site assessment and due diligence as well as a diverse array of litigation support projects involving retrospective facility reconstructions, liability analyses and environmental forensics. He has an excellent understanding of the technical challenges of environmental assessments and possesses strong analytical skills that have been successfully employed to generate innovative solutions for unique and varied sites. These solutions have quantified and minimized environmental liability, supported strategies for the resolution of environmental compliance issues and expedited facility redevelopment.

    Dr. Ijaz is a client focused project manager and team leader with the ability to effectively support diverse projects. He has the capability to work independently or within a team environment. He is an excellent communicator and is proficient at presenting to both clients and stakeholders. Throughout his consulting career, he has been an advocate for his clients, dedicated to client satisfaction and professional growth.  


    • Doctorate (Ph.D.), Nuclear Engineering. University of Cincinnati, USA, 1994.
    • Master of Science (M.Sc.), Physics. University of Birmingham, England, 1988.
    • Bachelor of Engineering with Honors (B.Eng.), Nuclear Engineering. University of London, England, 1987

    Key Experience

    Due Diligence/Environmental Liability Management

    Confidential Client

    Principal Investigator

    Assessed liabilities associated with discharges to the Lower Passaic River, New Jersey. Retained by a confidential client for litigation support pertaining to allegations of historical discharge to a large urban watershed. Analyses have generated a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing processes, discharge pathways and potential environmental liabilities associated with the former facility. Work-products have been used to refine strategies for ongoing litigation and to refute 3rd party claims.

    Waste Management, Inc.

    Principal Investigator

    Principal investigator responsible for environmental due diligence for a waterfront property being considered for acquisition and redevelopment. Property has significant historical impacts dating to 1917 and is currently undergoing remediation. Due diligence role is to provide 3rd party review of past and current remedial activities, identify future liabilities and to consult with architects/engineers to guide redevelopment so as to minimize future health and safety concerns.

    Confidential Client

    Principal Investigator

    Confidential client’s former facility is located within a large watershed that has been impacted by numerous industrial and municipal discharges. Lines of evidence are being developed for cost allocation purposes. Components will generate a fingerprint for the former facility that will be used to compare to discharge signatures.

    Confidential Client

    Principal Investigator

    Quantified liabilities associated with past discharges to the Onondaga Lake watershed, Syracuse, New York. Retained by a confidential client to assess the environmental impact of past operations. Successfully refuted claim of discharges of PCB wastes. Reconstructed historical metal plating discharges to 6% of that alleged by the litigating party. Forensics used to show sediment impact is not discernible from upstream discharges. Assessments reduced client’s liability from $25 million to less than $5 million.

    Confidential Client

    Principal Investigator

    Investigated potential sediment impacts to the Buffalo River Area of Concern (AOC), Buffalo, New York. Retained by a confidential client located upstream of the AOC to assess the potential for impact to AOC sediments and assist in cost allocation. The assessment provided a scientifically defensible estimate that reduced the client’s liability from approximately $4.5 million to under $1 million.

    Bechtel Corporation

    Project Manager

    Responsible for due diligence, environmental site assessments and regulatory compliance activities associated with the installation of over 1,000 wireless telecommunication facilities in Greater New York. Successfully designed and implemented an accelerated compliance and due diligence process that achieved or exceeded established milestones.

    Human Health Risk Assessment

    Southern Wood Piedmont Co.

    Principal Risk Assessor

    Integrated statistical interpretations of exposure, bioavailability and congener-specific toxicity into a probabilistic human health risk assessment model for PCDD/PCDFs in soils. The alternate soil cleanup levels will allow the facility to achieve early closure.


    Principal Risk Assessor

    Assessment developed site-specific remedial concentrations that were less stringent than existing criteria for a former facility that discharged volatile organic compounds into shallow groundwater. The assessment supported a novel remedy that achieved early closure allowing property redevelopment.

    W.R. Grace – Curtis Bay Facility

    Principal Human Risk Assessor

    Baseline risk assessment for five exposure scenarios with over 100 chemicals of concern in soils. Developed facility-specific exposure scenarios integrating work-place practices and environmental management protocols thereby generating less conservative estimates of worker risk.

    Environmental Investigation and Assessment

    Confidential Client

    Consultant – Technical Oversight

    Provides technical oversight of the Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI/FS) for the Lower Passaic River Study Area on behalf of a confidential client. Participates in one of the largest sediment remedial investigations in the United States, ensuring that the interests of the client are maintained. Provides counsel to the Technical Committee which oversees and directs the Group’s consultants as well as to the Risk Assessment Steering Committee which is tasked with oversight of the ecological and human health risk assessments.

    AT&T Corporation

    Senior Consultant

    Investigated chlorinated volatile organic compound (CVOC) signatures in groundwater. Groundwater impacts at nearby properties were alleged to have originated from client’s facility. CVOC signature analyses were generated to refute allegations of migration and to show that groundwater plume is comingled. Position papers will support upcoming litigation and dispute resolution.

    Ronson Corporation

    Remediation Engineer

    Oversight of decontamination and demolition of radioactively contaminated buildings. Successfully negotiated higher release limits using a combination of risk assessment and disposal options. Integrated remediation and characterization activities into a parallel process that resulted in timely completion of all on site activities.

    Subject Matter Expert

    Indoor Air and Vapor Intrusion Assessments

    Assessments of indoor air impacts for facilities overlying groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds. Assessments have included innovative investigation strategies, migration modeling and human health risk assessments to estimate risk-based cleanup criteria under various facility redevelopment scenarios.

    Dose Reconstruction/Public Health Studies

    National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

    Lead Author

    Technical BasisDocument in support of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation ProgramAct. Technically challenging study which included an in-depth reconstruction of air emissions over 50 yearsof facility operations. The document quantified exposures to nuclear weapons workers for compensationclaims employing novel air modeling techniques to overcome data limitations.

    Oak Ridge Dose Reconstruction Project

    Senior Scientist

    Responsible for estimating retrospective human health risks from releases at nuclear weapons production facilities at the U.S. Department of Energy sites in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Evaluated residential risk estimates from atmospheric releases of uranium and specialty metals at all three facilities during 52 years of operation. Also developed models to quantify radioactive iodine releases from past nuclear fuel processing operations. Estimated air concentrations were used to predict retrospective risk estimates for various communities surrounding the Oak Ridge Reservation.

    Nevada Test Site – Technology Integrated Demonstration Project


    Developed a plutonium dose assessment model for the Nevada Test Site. The model was designed specifically for the U.S. Department of Energy controlled areas of the Nevada Test Site. Design requirements included flexibility for scenario development including activity-based exposure assessment. The model was used to assess the viability of various remediation technologies and to develop remediation goals for eventual release of restricted areas.


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