Teresa Klingelhoffer

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  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Contaminated Land Audit Assistance
  • Groundwater and soil remediation assessments
  • Assist vapour risk assessments
  • Operation and maintenance of on-site remediation system
  • Soil vapour sampling (TO-15 and TO-17 sampling methodology)
  • Landfill monitoring and environmental management
  • Site safety planning, implementation and monitoring

  • Full Profile

    Teresa brings over six years of environmental engineering experience including project management, reporting, site supervision and field work associated with contaminated land assessment and remediation. Her reporting experience includes environmental site assessments ranging from Phase 1 to Post remediation, groundwater and landfill gas management plans, data analysis and interpretation, including groundwater trend analysis, and statistical trend assessments of natural attenuation parameters. It has also included assistance with site audits, clean-up to the extent practicable (CUTEP) reports and soil gas risk assessments.

    Teresa’s field work has included contractor management, earthworks associated with soil remediation, landfill groundwater and gas monitoring assessments and management, drilling and soil sampling/logging, soil vapour monitoring and sampling and groundwater monitoring at numerous sites across Victoria.


    • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), 2011
    • Matriculation, Major Economics and Law, Kantonsschule Enge Zurich, 2007

    Certifications and Training

    • ALGA Groundwater Geochemistry Training, 2015
    • ACLCA, Soil Vapour Intrusion Assessment Background, Mitigation and Sample Collection, 2014
    • WPCG, Work Clearance for Contractors in the Petroleum Industry, 2015
    • ACLCA, Introduction to Environmental Site Assessment Training Program (Modules 1-9), 2012
    • St John Ambulance Australia, Australia First Aid Level 2 Certification 2017
    • PARCOR, Fire Extinguisher Training, 2015
    • DECA, Defensive Driver Training, 2012
    • 4WD Off Road Driver Training, 2012
    • WorkSafe Victoria, OH&S Industry Induction-White Card Training, 2008

    Key Experience

    Remediation Experience

    Caltex Corio ESA and Remediation – Caltex, Australia

    Project Manager, Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Soil and groundwater environmental site assessment
    • Soil vapour sampling and associated vapour risk assessment
    • Soil remediation works, including excavation and treatment of soils and assessment of remediation and biodegradation of hydrocarbons in contaminated soil
    • Operation and maintenance of groundwater remediation system and development of monitoring plans, including monitoring and assessment of biodegradation within the smear zone

    Bunnings Norland – Bunnings, Australia

    Project Management, Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Groundwater validation works conducted at Former Ford Product Testing Plant (currently Bunnings Warehouse store)
    • Audit and review of installation of a soil vapour barrier
    • Assistance with post-remediation groundwater assessments and cessation of monitoring

    Alcoa Point Henry – Alcoa, Australia

    Project Management, Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Groundwater and surface water monitoring and annual assessment
    • Sediment condition assessment in surface water run-offs and ponds
    • Reporting of environmental conditions

    7-Eleven Corio – Australia

    Project Manager, Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Groundwater monitoring and soil vapour sampling
    • Post remediation groundwater assessments and groundwater management in order to achieve cease monitoring, including trend analysis and natural attenuation assessment

    Comtechport Audit, Digital Harbour Holdings – Australia



    • Assisting with letter of recommendation for cessation of groundwater monitoring in Docklands
    • Review and summary of relevant audit reports
    • Writing recommendations for inclusion in regional GQRUZ

    Mercer Street Redevelopment, City of Greater Geelong – Australia

    Project Manager, Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Soil sampling and waste classification
    • Soil management and site remediation
    • Design of on-site soil retention strategy
    • Development of environmental management plan associated with soil retainment at the site including a non-statutory environmental Audit sign-off process

    Caltex Footscray West ESA and Remediation – Caltex, Australia

    Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Soil vapour and groundwater sampling and associated reporting, including Mann-Kendall analysis
    • Soil sampling and analysis, including use of UVF (ultra-violet fluorescence) analyser for determining benzo(a)pyrene concentrations in soil
    • Assist with data consolidation and CUTEP

    Caltex Ouyen ESA and Remediation – Caltex, Australia

    Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Soil vapour and groundwater sampling and associated reporting
    • Vertical groundwater plume delineation using down-hole UVF technology
    • Assist with data consolidation and CUTEP

    Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory – Australia

    Project Management, Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Groundwater sampling and trend analysis, including Mann-Kendall and Mass flux analysis
    • Landfill gas monitoring and landfill gas risk assessments
    • Development of both groundwater and landfill gas monitoring and management plans
    • ESA of daylighting of light non-aqueous phase liquid in a workshop pit

    Anglesea Landfill, Surf Coast Shire – Australia

    Fieldwork and Assessment

    • Landfill gas and surface methane monitoring
    • Landfill gas risk assessment
    • Groundwater monitoring and assessment of leachate in groundwater
    • Development of sampling methods for deep (> 90m) groundwater sampling
    • Development of both groundwater and landfill gas monitoring and management plans
    • Landfill operations risk assessment

    Camp Rd Drainage Upgrade Anglesea, Surf Coast Shire, Australia

    Sampling and assessment of acid sulphate soil associated with a drainage upgrade near Anglesea River.

    Wind Farm Development Ararat, RES, Australia

    Conducted a Phase 1 site assessment for the client including GIS based data capture program of 5000 ha investigation area.

    Publications and Presentations

    Adam Wightwick, Teresa Klingelhoffer, Casey O’Farrell, Stephen Cambridge. 2016. Application of portable UVF devices to inform risk-based management of aromatic hydrocarbons. ALGA New Zealand.

    Teresa Klingelhoffer. 2016. On-site soil remediation of hydrocarbons using a catalytic oxidizer and biodegradation. ACLCA Young Professionals.