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  • Superfund
  • RCRA Facility Investigations, Corrective Action, and Permitting
  • Site Investigation and Remediation
  • State Voluntary Cleanup/Remediation Programs
  • PRP and Multi-party Groups
  • Bioremediation
  • Chlorinated Solvents
  • Environmental Reserves Evaluations and Estimating
  • Underground Injection Control Permitting
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestiture Services
  • Phase I and II Environmental Assessments
  • Delineation of Groundwater Impacts
  • Remediation Permitting.


  • Full Profile

    Tom Sullivan has over 25 years of environmental consulting experience working for clients from a wide range of business settings and in various regulatory frameworks. He has built and strengthened key stakeholder relationships between involved parties and has provided strategic direction to client’s environmental projects and programs. Managing projects under several USEPA Regions in 20 different states, primarily across the Midwest, East, Southeast, and South Central portions of the country, has provided him with both regional and national experience. For some clients, Tom has acted as an extension of the in-house EHS/remediation staff providing the expertise to manage projects, move the projects forward, and cost effectively reduce the liability associated with the project.

    Tom has significant experience in the investigation of potential environmental impacts at industrial and commercial properties, and in the delineation of identified impacts. In addition, he has extensive expertise on projects requiring remediation, including the development and selection of remedial or risk-based alternatives, regulatory negotiation, permitting, and implementation of the selected remedial alternative. Tom’s remediation experience includes the application of enhanced bioremediation at some sites, including sites with chlorinated COCs impact, in addition to more standard remediation technologies.

    For environmental contamination projects, Tom has excelled at the development of cost effective project exit strategies to satisfy a client’s needs under the applicable regulatory requirements. He is experienced with coordination and permitting for environmental and remediation projects. His experience extends to RCRA permitting; acting as liaison with regulators, third-party property owners, attorneys, other consultants, and client’s staff; and in providing technical analysis and support. He is experienced in contractor management, negotiating on behalf of clients, fiscal management, cost-recovery, litigation support, and direct technical work.


    • M.S. Geology, University of Arkansas
    • B.S. Geology and Geophysics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


    Certifications and Training

    • Professional Geologist (PG): Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin.
    • Certified Professional Geologist (CPG), American Institute of Professional Geologists.
    • OSHA HAZWOPER 40 Hour Training 29 CFR 1910.120
    • OSHA 8 Hour Site Supervisor Training
    • Various Continuing Education Training for PG Licenses and Registrations.


    Professional Affiliations

    • American Institute of Professional Geologists.


    Key Experience

    RCRA and Superfund Experience

    Tom Sullivan has managed multiple RCRA and Superfund projects for one of the leading U.S. chemical distributors. Tom’s role has included management of the projects, various contractors, and other consultants, along with direct technical involvement.

    The projects for this client have included RCRA Facility Investigations and Corrective Measures Studies, the closure of RCRA-permitted hazardous waste units, and RCRA Part B permit applications for hazardous waste handling in multiple states. Tom has also managed projects for this client under the auspices of Superfund, and has been the client representative on Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) groups.

    Tom’s management of these RCRA and/or Superfund projects led to the successful completion of the investigation and delineation of impacts to soil, groundwater, and surface water at a diverse range of sites. Some of the projects included the coordination of human health and ecological risk assessments. Tom’s role included assembling a team of experts and specialists to provide innovative and cost-effective remedial alternatives acceptable to all involved stakeholders.

    Other Superfund projects Tom has been involved with include working for PRP groups, and their counsel, completing remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) activities under state and/or federal oversight.

    Tom’s experience in Superfund also includes previously working for a USEPA contractor performing evaluations and scoring sites to determine if they should be included under Superfund. This often involved interactions with one or more PRPs for each site.

    Site Characterization and Remediation Experience

    Tom has extensive experience in managing, overseeing, and conducting various site characterization and remediation projects. These projects have been under various regulatory environments, involving state programs, voluntary cleanup programs, and brownfields.

    The types of contaminants Tom has been involved with in conducting site characterizations and remediation include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorinated VOCs, metals, glycols, phenols, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), semi-volatiles and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), acids, caustics, and others.

    Some of the projects Tom has been involved in are described below:

    Chemical Industry, Confidential Client: Texas
    Project Manager and Principal Scientist

    Tom conducted a large-scale environmental assessment and characterization project which identified extensive impacts to soil and groundwater. The impacts were found to extend to multiple offsite commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Management tasks included interacting with local and state government and regulatory agencies, and also with multiple property owners ranging from real estate investment trusts, company owners, tenants, commercial landlords, and adjoining residents. Technical tasks involved delineation of subsurface impacts, determining groundwater migration pathways in a complex geological setting, and evaluating potential health and ecological risk. Tom’s expertise was utilized to develop a cost-effective remedial solution approved by the client, offsite property owners, and all involved regulatory agencies. The successful implementation of the remedial solution and ongoing monitoring were also managed by Tom, and the site had a significant reduction in contaminant concentrations due to the remedial approach employed.

    Chemical Industry, Confidential Client: Texas
    Project Manager/Professional Geologist

    This site was under a Consent Order. Tom was involved in coordinating an innovative approach in which a large portion of the site with limited impacts was removed from the Order, a first in the state, and sold to a developer. The portion removed from the Order was addressed under the state’s voluntary cleanup program such that an upscale office building was constructed on that parcel. The proceeds from the sale of this parcel were used to fund cleanup of the more impacted remaining parcel. The more impacted parcel has since had concentrations of chlorinated VOCs and other VOCs significantly reduced, and this parcel has also been developed and put to productive use.

    Chemical Release Site, Confidential Client: Texas
    Project Professional/Project Manager

    Site owned by a leading U.S. chemical distributor. At this site, Tom took over the project involving chlorinated solvents from a previous consultant and implemented additional investigation activities to better understand the complex subsurface environment and geology. The findings led to implementation of a state-of-the-art, insitu enhanced bioremediation system. This innovative approach successfully remediated the property to a point it could be partially developed, whereas the previous consultant had not made measurable remedial progress.

    Petroleum Industry Clients
    Project Manager

    Tom has managed and been involved in projects ranging from old gas stations to modern gas stations to large refineries and tank farms. Clients have included ARCO, Amoco/BP, and other smaller clients. Tom has been involved with large-scale mapping, investigation, and remediation projects at a BP refinery. Some of these projects have included the application of windmills to power product recovery systems in remote locations.

    Agricultural Chemical Facility, Confidential Client: Wisconsin
    Project Manager and Senior Scientist

    Tom managed a project and oversaw the technical aspects of a site characterization at an agricultural chemical distribution facility. This project involved the release of various pesticides and herbicides that impacted private water supply wells. A remediation system was installed to capture and intercept the plume of impacted groundwater and an alternative water supply was developed to replace the private wells.

    Multiple Projects, Confidential Clients: Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas
    Technical Contact/Hydrogeologist

    Tom completed several projects involving underground injection control (UIC) permitting. These projects involved obtaining Class IV and/or V UIC permits allowing the client to implement a more economical, insitu remediation program. He has been involved with UIC permitting in several states and the US EPA.

    Due Diligence Experience

    Tom has been involved with and managed various due diligence projects for a diverse range of commercial, industrial, legal, and real estate clients. These projects have included Phase I and II assessments, with some including the determination of environmental reserves and cost estimates for remediation of identified impacts.

    Multiple Projects, Confidential Clients: Midwest and Eastern Half of the U.S.
    Project Manager

    Tom managed and coordinated multiple due diligence evaluations across the eastern half of the U.S. Project sites ranged from vacant parcels to multifaceted industrial complexes. The evaluations varied from simple inspections to complex subsurface sampling projects. Environmental issues were identified at some sites and the scope included developing estimates for bringing the facility into regulatory compliance where applicable, allowing the client to proceed with acquisition or divestiture.

    Other Project Experience

    Tom has also been involved in the evaluation of manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites in the Midwest. This has involved providing review and oversight of work by other consultants for a large energy company.

    Evaluation of the groundwater supply for a proposed subdivision was a project that Tom assisted a developer with. This including a presentation at a public meeting in which Tom was able to allay the concerns regarding the potential impact on the local water supply.

    Tom has taken over projects previously managed by large top-20 AEC firms only to catch multiple errors and mistakes in data and interpretation. Correction of these oversights have aided clients in cost-effectively addressing site conditions.