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  • Geology
  • Hydrogeology – Groundwater Resource and Impact Assessment, Groundwater Source Protection and Supply, Surface Water-Groundwater Interaction
  • Contaminated Land Assessment

  • Full Profile

    Dr Tiffany Gourley is an Associate Hydrogeologist with a PhD in Geology and over nine years’ consultancy experience in both Australia and Canada, predominantly focused in hydrogeological and contaminated site assessment. Her consultancy experience includes management, coordination, supervision, design and reporting of environmental investigations including the assessment of groundwater source protection and supply, construction dewatering, groundwater chemistry, managed aquifer recharge, landfill gas and leachate, acid waste sulphate soils, groundwater-surface water interaction, groundwater impact assessment (e.g. those due to dewatering, managed water injection, land development and climate change) and contaminant fate and transport.

    Tiffany has been a member of a number of multidisciplinary teams working for various industry sectors including Defence, government, construction, property, petroleum and transport. As a result, she has gained extensive experience in soil and groundwater investigation, project planning and management, health and safety, field and laboratory QA/QC procedures and database management. Tiffany has also been involved in the preparation of a number of conceptual site models for complex hydrogeological sites and has completed field work and reporting for several sites subject to statutory Environmental Audit.


    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Geology, University of Melbourne, 2005
    • Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours, Geology, University of Melbourne, 2000
    • Bachelor of Science, Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne, 1999


    • Managed Aquifer Recharge, Melbourne, Australia, 2011 (National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, 2-day Specialist Course)
    • Advances in Aquifer Testing for Improved Site Characterisation, Melbourne, Australia, 2010 (Midwest Geosciences Group, 3-day Specialist Course)
    • Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) Induction, (Expiry 2015)
    • WorkCover OH&S Construction Induction, 2009
    • St John’s Ambulance Senior First Aid Training, 2007 with ongoing refresher training (Expiry 2016)
    • Introduction to Monitored Natural Attenuation and Enhanced Bioremediation, Melbourne, Australia, 2007 (ACLCA, 1-day Short course)
    • Soil and Groundwater Pollution 2007 – Characterisation, Remediation and Risk Management, Melbourne, Australia (Centre for Groundwater Studies, 5-day Specialist course)
    • One- and Two-day Four Wheel Drive Vehicle training courses (One-day course conducted by RAC Driving Centre in WA in 2011 and two-day course conducted by Motor School in QLD in 2011)
    • One Day Intelligent Car course. Conducted by DECA Training in Melbourne, Australia, 2007
    • OSHA 40 hours Health and Safety Training, 2006


    Contaminated Land Experience

    Tiffany has conducted numerous soil and groundwater contaminations assessments that have included Phase I and Phase II ESAs through to complex Conceptual Site Models for a wide range of land use in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. She is also highly experienced in preparing environmental monitoring and management plans to meet regulatory guidelines.

    Risk Identification And Soil Contamination Assessments, Kew And Aspendale, Victoria, 2016
    Project Manager

    Project management, field work and reporting for two risk identification and soil contamination assessments along the proposed route of gas main renewal projects in both Kew and Aspendale.

    Salt Cake Cell Remediation Plan, Maryvale Mill, Victoria, 2015
    Project Manager

    Tiffany provided project management and technical input for the preparation of a remediation plan required for excess salt cake (a by-product of the paper manufacturing process) that was landfilled in a number of cells adjacent to a paper mill site.

    Hydrogeological Assessment, Rowan/Spring Road Closed Landfill, Victoria, 2014-2015

    Preparation of a Hydrogeological Assessment, including a Conceptual Hydrogeological Model, for a closed landfill site in south eastern Victoria. Requested as part of the Post Closure Pollution Abatement Notice (PCPAN) process by EPA.

    Groundwater Monitoring Review And Landfill Gas Risk Assessment, Maryvale Mill, Gippsland, Victoria, 2013 – 2014
    Project Manager

    Project management and technical input into the preparation of a Groundwater Monitoring Review and Landfill Gas Risk Assessment for a complex paper mill and landfill site. Included optimisation of the groundwater and leachate bore network, identification of key contaminant trigger levels and the drilling and monitoring of soil gas bores.

    Aftercare Management Plan (AMP), Landfill Gas Investigation And Remediation, Rowan/Spring Road Closed Landfill, Victoria, 2014
    Project Manager

    Preparation of an AMP (as part of PCPAN process) following an in-depth investigation of the potential risk posed by landfill gas migrating from a closed landfill. The design and implementation of remedial works were required to mitigate concentrations of soil gas exceeding Best Practice Guidelines in close proximity to sensitive receptors.

    Conceptual Site Model, Stevensons Road Closed Landfill, Cranbourne, Victoria, 2013

    Preparation of a revised conceptual site model for the historical migration of landfill gas into offsite areas driven by a complex hydrogeological regime. This project included both technical input and project management skills for a series of four deliverables including the revised Conceptual Site Model, Risk Assessment, Assessment of Clean Up Technologies and Clean Up Plan.

    Annual Report And Trade Waste Agreement Application, Heatherton Park Former Landfill, Clayton, Victoria, 2012

    Preparation of a review of groundwater, leachate, surface water and stormwater monitoring conducted at a rehabilitated landfill site in Clayton, and an application to the local water regulator for discharge of leachate to sewer.

    Annual Report, Argyle Avenue Former Landfill, Chelsea, Victoria, 2011

    Preparation of an annual review of groundwater and surface water monitoring conducted at a rehabilitated landfill site in Chelsea.

    Groundwater Management Plan (GMP), Fitzroy Gasworks, Victoria, 2011

    Preparation of a GMP for a gasworks site with contamination to soil and groundwater. Required as part of the completion of a 53V Audit for the site

    Annual Reporting, Carisbrook Landfill, Victoria, 2010 – 2011

    Compilation of an annual review for the bi-annual monitoring of surface water and groundwater, to assess current or possible future impacts of the site on nearby potential receptors.

    Various Soil, Groundwater And Hydrogeological Reporting, South Morang Rail Extension Project, Victoria Australia, 2010

    Completion of various reporting tasks for soil and groundwater investigations conducted along the Brownfield and Greenfield alignments of the planned rail extension.

    Conceptual Site Model, Former Defence Site (Fire Training Area), Point Cook, Victoria, 2009

    Prepared the Conceptual Site Model for a complex hydrogeological and contaminated soil and groundwater site at Pont Cook, Victoria.

    Groundwater Study, Former Defence Site (Weapons Range), Salt Ash, Victoria, 2009

    BIOSCREEN Modelling to simulate natural attenuation of dissolved hydrocarbons in groundwater as part of a Validation Report and remediation works.

    Site Remediation, Preston, Victoria, 2007

    Field and technical work as part of CUTEP (Clean Up To Extent Practicable) report preparation for a chlorinated solvent contaminated site undergoing remediation. Involved assessment of natural attenuation occurring at the site.

    Phase I And II ESA, Mt Macedon, Victoria, 2007

    Examined an area of land for potential environmental issues before redevelopment to an outdoors childcare facility.

    Environmental Site Assessment For Audit, Yarraville, Victoria, 2007

    Conducted field and report preparation for an assessment of soil and groundwater contamination of an area of land previously used a fertilizer manufacturing facility, and contaminated with heavy metals, PCBs and PAHs.

    Environmental Site Assessment For Audit, Cranbourne Sewage Treatment Plant, Victoria, 2007

    Detailed assessment of soil and groundwater quality, aquifer characterisation and geochemical analysis of groundwater for a large parcel of land under proposed redevelopment to residential land use.

    Validation Report, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, 2007

    Fieldwork and report preparation for the removal of contaminated soil and underground storage tanks associated with a petroleum facility.

    Geology and Hydrogeology Experience 

    Tiffany has managed a wide range of hydrogeological projects for a range of industry sectors. Projects include the areas of groundwater resource protection, groundwater quality and quantity assessment, surface water/ groundwater interaction, hydrogeochemistry and stratigraphic correlation. Her involvement has included both field and technical input with supervision and management of junior staff and contractors, liaison with council and municipal staff and collaboration with other geologists, hydrogeologists and engineers.

    Hydrogeological Assessment, Officer, 2016
    Project Manager

    Project management, field work and reporting for a hydrogeological impact assessment of a proposed land re-development site in Officer, VIC.

    Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Project, EPIC Park In Canberra, 2013 – 2015

    Project management and technical input into the drilling of a deep injection bore at the site, a MAR trial (involving injection and extraction) and subsequent hydrogeological assessment of the MAR potential (for treated stormwater) in the Flemington Road area of Canberra, ACT.

    Groundwater Impact Assessment, Big Hill Enhanced Development Project, Stawell, Victoria, 2013

    A review of the hydrogeology relevant to Big Hill, in particular the potential impact to groundwater resources over the life of the open pit mine project.

    Groundwater Supply Bore Installation, Narrabri, New South Wales, 2013

    Field works and site supervisory role for the installation of a groundwater supply bore installed to around 200 m into the Pilliga Sandstone.

    Hipwell Rd Dewatering Scheme, Gunbower Forest, Victoria, 2013

    Spear point design and WinFlow modelling for a groundwater dewatering scheme required for the safe construction of a weir.

    Hydrogeology Investigation Of Pools On Kangeenarina Creek, Pilbara, Western Australia, 2013

    Field works including the installation of monitoring and pumping bores and an aquifer pumping test, to ultimately meet the environmental water provisions for conservation of the groundwater dependent pools of Kangeenarina Creek, which lies adjacent to a proposed iron ore mine.

    Hermitage Dam Injection Bore Rehabilitation, Roma, Queensland, 2012

    Field works and site supervisory role for the rehabilitation of an injection bore related to a Managed Aquifer Recharge scheme in Queensland. The purpose of field works was to increase the injection capacity of the bore.

    Geological Storage Options For Saline Effluent, Queensland, 2011-2012

    Two desktop hydrogeological assessments (for two separate coal seam gas fields) to determine the technical feasibility of long term geological storage via deep well injection, of saline effluent produced from coal seam gas activities, into fractured rock aquifers beneath the Bowen Basin in Queensland. Included the siting of prospective injection and monitoring wells, a preliminary impact assessment and the preparation of a monitoring plan.

    Groundwater Monitoring And Supply Bore Installation, Pilbara, Western Australia, 2012

    Field works including the drilling and installation of monitoring bores and a groundwater supply bore, into bedrock and the overlying alluvial/ colluvial valley fill deposits, with a subsequent aquifer pumping test.

    Tier 3 Hydrogeological Assessment, Mallacoota, Victoria, 2011

    Aquifer testing and impact assessment in accordance with SRW guidelines to assess the suitability of an increase in groundwater allocation volume for urban water supply to the township of Mallacoota.

    Managed Aquifer Recharge (Mar) Feasibility Assessment, Mallacoota, Victoria, 2011

    A preliminary assessment of the feasibility of MAR techniques to address potential future declines water availability for urban water supply, including aquifer storage and potential decreasing streamflow in the Betka River.

    Hydrogeologcial Assessment, Albury Former Gasworks, Victoria, 2011

    Aquifer testing and analysis to provide quantitative information regarding the hydraulic properties of the underlying aquifer. Included capture-zone analysis and preliminary well-field design for a proposed P&T system to capture contaminated groundwater.

    Groundwater Inundation Study, Portland, Victoria, 2010

    An assessment of the risk posed to coastal assets due to changes in the groundwater system as a result of sea level rise and climate change.

    Hydrogeological Investigation, Berth 6, Yarraville Victoria, 2010

    Preparation of a Conceptual Site Model for a contaminated site with a complex hydrogeological flow regime. Field and technical evaluation of the underlying geology, groundwater quality and the hydraulic interaction of groundwater with adjacent surface-water in the Yarra River.

    Hydrogeological Study, Stephenson’s Road Landfill, Cranbourne, Victoria, 2009

    Preparation of detailed geological cross-sections using both sedimentological and geophysical data. Field and technical evaluation of aquifer tests and a census of groundwater bores in the region. Technical review and reporting of hydrogeological conditions at the Site.

    Hydrogeological And Dewatering Study, West Don Lands, Ontario, Canada, 2009

    Assessment of dewatering requirements for a Storm Water Servicing Project for the West Don Lands development, a 32-hectare brownfield site proposed for a mixed use redevelopment under Risk Assessment.

    Environmental Assessment, Proposed Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2008-2009

    Evaluation of hydrogeological conditions and potential impact to groundwater resources due to a proposed light rail transit.

    Hydrogeological Investigation, Proposed Highway 28 Realignment And Rehabilitation, Lakefield, Ontario, Canada, 2008

    Investigation to determine the potential impacts to surface and groundwater supported natural features, due to the proposed construction activities of the Highway 28 Realignment.

    Infiltration Study, Forest Hill Rd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2008

    Study to determine the potential for infiltration and infiltration structure design options in a residential setting.

    Hydrogeological Study, Mayfield West Community Lands, Ontario, Canada, 2008

    Evaluation of hydrogeological conditions at the site, that included an assessment of groundwater and surface water interaction, and preparation of a final report for a large development site that was proposed to be subdivided.

    Hydrogeological Study, Tremaine Rd, City Of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, 2008

    Evaluation of hydrogeological data, water balance analysis for the site and preparation of final text to be included as part of the ‘Tremaine Subwatershed Study’.