Petroleum & Natural Gas

Oil and gas resources are and will continue to be a major portion of the world’s energy supply.  With technical advances such as hydraulic fracturing, ew frontiers of oil and gas development are opening in the US and internationally.  With this development comes environmental, health, and safety challenges that must be managed in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.

Further challenges in complying with the regulations governing exploration and development projects can be a significant obstacle to a successful project.  Numerous environmental agencies have strict regulations that affect exploration, development, and production. As oil and gas exploration activities are expanding, environmental policies continue to evolve. Within these policies, it is imperative that energy companies, contractors and sub-contractors understand and address the complex and often changing local, state, and federal regulations. These regulations affect all phases of oil and gas projects; from the protection of groundwater resources and the management of associated or produced water, to the air emissions generated from processing and storing oil and gas.

Comprehension of these challenges and regulations demands a team of environmental professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary to protect you, your staff and your investment. EHS Support has proven experience with the regulatory and technical issues facing the oil and gas industry, and a firm understanding of the legal requirements and public perceptions your company faces.

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