EHS Support Provides Broad, Diverse, and Proven Services

EHS Support’s company culture is focused on providing superior client service, technical advice, and regulatory advocacy to our clients with the ultimate goal of managing the client’s environmental liabilities for the lowest cost. In many cases our competitors emphasize their company size or key technical staff but the ultimate question is—do they provide value, and do they deliver?  EHS Support does. In order to provide successful project outcomes we offer:

  • The right resources for the project.
  • Communication and Advocacy – It is one thing to come up with a good idea; it is another to gain regulatory agreement.
  • Responsiveness and Expediency – What people charge per hour is important, but more importantly what is the total delivery cost?  Not everyone takes the same amount of time to complete a task.
  • Project Management Controls.

The EHS Support Approach: We accept, going in, that you demand excellent service (both technical and communication), expert delivery (on time and on target), and the best overall cost. We understand that environmental, health, and safety compliance and liability reductions achieved at the lowest overall cost are the iron-clad goals of your efforts.

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