Environmental Consulting

Environmental, Health, and Safety consulting is the core of our business. It’s who we are, it’s what we do. A partnership with EHS Support guarantees expert consultation with EH&S professionals who have the ability to listen to your needs and who will resolve your Environmental, Health, and Safety issues in a cost efficient way.

EHS Support will work with your EH&S department to create programs, realize material savings, and identify elements of your program that add value to the company. We quantify environmental, health, and safety issues in business terms making it easy to demonstrate the value to senior management, helping them understand how your department contributes to overall corporate performance.

Our dedicated professionals possess extensive experience in a multitude of areas including risk management, remediation system design and operation, liability cost estimating, safety management systems, regulatory compliance, SEC cost estimating, financial assurance cost estimating, soil and groundwater impact assessments and modeling, and auditing and regulatory compliance. EHS Support’s technical experience, knowledge, skills, and expertise lends itself to our clients in their daily EH&S operations as well as provides expert support for your training and litigation needs.

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Consulting Team: