Training & Support

Effective training is often the key to successful implementation of EH&S programs. Many EH&S regulations, such as hazardous waste, expect personnel to go beyond just a general awareness of requirements. Your employees are required to be knowledgeable in vital areas pertaining to your operation.

EHS Support has extensive experience conducting staff and management training pertaining to all of our service areas. These sessions can take place both in person and remotely, based on your needs. Trainings can be scheduled at company meetings, organization events, or at off-site locations. We will work with you to develop a training curriculum, or modify your existing training program, to provide your staff with up-to-date knowledge. Examples include:

  • Remediation management
  • Environmental management systems
  • EH&S compliance programs and regulatory updates
  • SEC and financial assurance cost estimating and reporting
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Risk management techniques.

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Training & Support Team: