Environmental Health and Safety

W O R K   S A F E.    L I V E   S A F E.    S T A Y   S A F E.

Improving the health and safety process at EHS Support is an ongoing effort and commitment supported by each individual. EHS Support believes that engagement and open lines of communication are paramount to improving health and safety. From our CEO to onsite personnel, we embrace the drive towards continuous improvement in our health and safety management system. Across our global network of health and safety professionals, we are able to respond quickly to project demands and work closely with joint venture partners to make health and safety an intuitive part of our culture.

At EHS Support, we understand that fostering a vigorous and responsive health and safety culture is a critical part of our obligation to our employees, our clients and the communities in which we operate. We believe that by making safety intuitive to all employees, we can solve safety problems without creating barriers to cost-effective project completion. The foundation of our robust safety culture is built upon detailed, targeted and proactive safety governance framework and management system.

Our approach is to elevate safety awareness and know-how throughout our organization to achieve and maintain high standards of safety performance. Our orchestrated efforts to managing risk are based upon the 14 Elements, found in our EHSMS Manual, that form the cornerstone of the safety management system, as well as the supporting Standards and Golden Rules.

Our leaders encourage and exemplify safety as a core business value as well as a personal value. It is a well-known fact that leadership empowers personnel to evaluate all situations for risk – if peoples’ lives or wellbeing may be jeopardized, work is immediately stopped. Our commitment to safety is defined in our Policy statement, which can be found on the last page of our EHSMS Manual.

The integration of the Elements and Standards allows EHS Support to achieve its objectives efficiently by managing its impact to the environment and minimizing and controlling occupational health and safety risks. The EHSMS provides the structure for implementing proactive sustainable business practices with the purpose to ensure compliance with internal and external requirements, drive continuous improvement, and support our strategy of becoming a leader in environmental, health and safety management.

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