Safety Committees

Companies that foster open lines of communications across all levels of their organization recognize, and often times require, a means to enhance sharing of health and safety issues with staff. The formation, facilitation, and/or support of safety and health committees can provide significant value to supporting those efforts.

EHS Support will tailor our services to the needs of your organization, providing assistance to either your current committee or help create and manage a new one. We provide the training necessary to ensure all members understand their role in promoting safety and ensuring the endless benefits of a Workplace Safety Committee are achieved. Our Health & Safety experts will:

  • Conduct certified safety and health committee training
  • Develop written programs
  • Develop accident investigation programs
  • Assist in hazard identification support
  • Achieve committee certification
  • Facilitate monthly safety committee meetings.

Our experience with these committees has provided significant value for the client by:

  • Identifying gaps in the current safety process
  • Performing accident reviews and root cause analyses
  • Determining proper corrective actions
  • Building a positive safety culture
  • Increasing safety culture metrics.

Some states offer a discount in relation to maintaining a safety committee. EHS Support remains aware of these state-specific requirements and will advise you of these discounts when available for your organization. As an example, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides a 5% workers’ compensation discount to those employers who meet their qualifications for being a certified safety committee.

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