Safety and Health Audits

Safety and Health Audits offer the best return on investment when conducted by experienced and seasoned professionals. Thorough safety and health audits (assessments) can rate an organization’s overall safety and health program, identify strengths and weaknesses, show where improvements are needed and create a process and procedure by which problems can be corrected. These audits are beneficial when assessing:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Liability reduction opportunities
  • Financial opportunities
  • Program effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement and benchmarking internal management responsibility
  • OSHA VPP qualification
  • Workers’ Compensation performance
  • Injury, illness and incident rates
  • EHS management tools
  • Workers’ Compensation costs
  • Continuous improvement programs
  • Contractor program evaluation.

EHS Support will help you determine the amount of safety evaluation that is appropriate for your organization, taking into consideration all aspects of your current program and desired objectives for the review. We will conduct a thorough audit, review the results, and discuss the next steps in providing the technical support, program development and implementation, training, and knowledge required to reduce injuries, attain compliance, and lower costs.

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Safety and Health Audits Team: