Groundwater Resource Assessment

Water resources engineering has its roots in the tasks of supplying water for human use, removing water when humans are finished using it, and developing methods of avoiding damage from excess water. Much of the work involves the planning and management of facilities designed for supplying water or managing its hazards.

EHS Support offers specialized engineering that supports the planning, analysis, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of water systems and structures. Some of the tools we utilize in our hydrologic modeling include geographic information systems; computer and statistical methods in water resources; spatial water balances; flood mapping; water resource systems analysis; groundwater modeling and management; multiphase flow; and optimization, uncertainty, and reliability analysis.

EHS Support experts have managed large-scale, complex groundwater investigations and site characterization projects. Some of the associated support services that we offer in this area are water supply evaluations and integrated resources planning, water rights due diligence, and geology and hydrogeology.

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Groundwater Resource Assessment Team: