Soil & Groundwater Impact Assessments

Each year, large quantities of hazardous chemicals are transported, stored, and managed throughout the world. In the event of an incident, these materials can be released to the environment, impacting soil and groundwater, leading to costly response and cleanup efforts if not properly assessed. Environmental impact measurement techniques have become increasingly sophisticated, requiring specialty services to assess such issues.

EHS Support’s team of highly experienced geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, risk assessors, and environmental scientists are capable of tackling the most challenging environmental risk scenarios. This team is highly successful at applying the investigation results to establish cost-effective mitigation strategies in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

EHS Support uses a holistic approach to assessing the subsurface impact of hazardous chemicals. Such an approach addresses source environment and history, geologic and hydrogeologic conditions, chemical-specific fate and transport data, health risk concerns, and regulatory criteria. This approach has proven to be highly effective in addressing environmental risk issues and underscores EHS Support’s success in the industry.

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Soil & Groundwater Impact Assessments Team: