SEC Cost Estimating & Reporting

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is responsible for enforcing major laws concerning the sale of securities and corporate reporting. The SEC requires public companies to submit quarterly and annual reports including financial reports and a narrative account of the previous year’s operations and the goals of the upcoming year.

When submitting these reports for your company, you must accurately:

  • Determine contingent liabilities in relation to environmental remediation
    • Do you have ground rules for determining what is probable or estimable?
    • Do red flags of concern rise up at the mere mention of an SEC audit?
  • Audit for scrutiny driven by Sarbanes-Oxley Act:
    • Requires fair business and accounting practices
    • Ensuring that your SEC cost estimating, reporting, and auditing is well documented and in line with industry expectations.

EHS Support has partnered with corporations reporting from $50 to over $250 million in SEC contingent liabilities. We have developed proprietary cost models and processes to determine contingent liabilities. These tools are used to quantify the probable and reasonably estimable scenarios for remediation and other environmental liabilities in a consistent and reproducible manner. The model is used for everything from development of SEC auditable remediation liability costs, to future cost estimates for liabilities developed during due diligence and annual budgets.

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SEC Cost Estimating & Reporting Team: