Oil & Gas Services

EHS Support has a history of supporting oil and gas companies in their upstream, midstream, and downstream developments and operations.  We are an outcome-focused organization that knows the importance of schedule in oil and gas projects. Our industry-recognized technical staff have experience in all phases of oil and gas, having worked in non-traditional consulting areas such as: concept and field development planning, operational evaluations and performance improvements, operational economic and risk analysis, water and produced water management and, internal pan and procedure development.

The EHS Support Advantage

Oil and Gas projects are a core business for EHS Support.  We have experience working on small ($50 million) and mega ($50 billion) oil and gas development projects in both the US and internationally.  What sets EHS Support apart from our competitors is that we understand all phases of the development project and anticipate our clients’ needs, adding value beyond the scope of the project.  We are an advocate for our clients and we have a history of successfully navigating the regulatory hurdles involved with oil and gas projects.

If you demand technical expertise, excellent communication, on time and on target project delivery at the best overall cost, EHS Support is the right partner for you.

Our Services Include:


Oil & Gas Services Team: