Environmental Approvals & Permitting

Our team has successfully completed hundreds of environmental approval permit applications for oil and gas projects domestically and internationally.  In doing so, we understand that these permits involve a complex mix of federal and state environmental regulations and are an integral part of your oil and gas project development and facility operations. Grounded in our experience and knowledge of these regulations, EHS Support can help you cost-effectively navigate the processes and minimize delays associated with obtaining these approvals and permits through the pre-construction, construction and operational phases of your project.

EHS Support understands that the nature and scale of the permitting and approvals process is unique to each project and determined by: the size of the project (i.e., land disturbance), effects on waterways and adjoining properties, waste generation, chemical use, odors, noise, energy and water use, zoning, traffic, and other potential impacts. Our experienced staff have worked on an extensive array of environmental approvals and permitting projects including detailed environmental impact assessments, specific environmental studies to support environmental approvals, and facility planning and permitting. This is further supported by our experience in post approvals plan development, which is essential to ensuring compliance with permit conditions.

Our Services Include:

  • Air:
    • Pre-construction permits
    • Operating permits
    • Risk Management plans
  • Water:
    • Water Allocation and Water Interception
  • Permits:
    • Wastewater treatment, collection, and disposal system permits
    • NPDES permits for discharge to surface water
    • Underground injection wells
  • Solids and Hazardous Wastes registration and permitting
  • Ecological and natural resource assessments for threatened and endangered species, wetlands, forest lands and wilderness areas, scenic and wild rivers, and agricultural/grazing land.

EHS Support has a practical understanding of oil and gas facility development needs thanks to our extensive experience within this market. Through this understanding, we have been able to streamline the permitting process, while developing and negotiating appropriate conditions, which are both practical and implementable.


Environmental Approvals & Permitting Team: