Operational Studies

Continuous improvement is a focus of all organizations but is especially important in the oil and gas and resource development sectors. The challenges of tight development timeframes, integration of multiple (and in some cases dispersed) assets and the need to balance CAPEX and future OPEX, create challenges and conflicts in the execution of business strategies.

EHS Support offers practical and reliable experience in the optimization of design, processes and operations. These services are typically focused in streamlining processes, reducing CAPEX and OPEX and ensuring both reliability and compliance.

Capabilities and Experience

EHS Support has a long history of providing practical solutions to the oil and gas and resource development sectors. These project assignments have involved a diverse range of operational and compliance issues which have required the full range use of our engineering, scientific, hydrogeological and compliance resources.

The development of innovative solutions is challenging, but the greatest challenge is ensuring the solutions proposed are practical and implementable. This is an area where EHS Support excels and differentiates itself from the competition. We provide technical experts with years of practical experience and ensure that teams have multi-disciplinary elements, which allow solutions provided to be effectively implemented on schedule and on budget.

We have dedicated the last eight years to growing our technical resources and capabilities and working with our clients to develop innovative solutions.

Our recent experience has covered a broad range of areas including:

  •   Concept and Upstream Field Development Planning
  •   Constraints Planning and Field Development Optimization
  •   Production, Brine and Waste Water Injection and Management
  •   Groundwater Dewatering for Development  and Operations
  •   Managed Aquifer Recharge Projects
  •   Underground Gas Storage Risk Assessments
  •   Upstream and Gas Processing Optimization Studies
  •   Rehabilitation and Restoration Programs
  •   Drilling Waste Management
  •   Groundwater and Underground Gas Leakage modeling
  •   Process and Operational Risk Assessments
  •   Water Beneficial Reuse Studies
  •   Process Water and Groundwater Treatment and Remediation

Operational Studies Team: