Potentially Responsible Parties

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), more often referred to as Superfund, was enacted by Congress on December 11, 1980. Superfund issues are slow, complex, and can represent significant financial liabilities to companies. EHS Support personnel have extensive experience and the multifaceted skill-set to help organizations reduce risk, minimize effort, and ease financial strain.

EHS Support is known in the industry as a project catalyst—effective communication, focus on strategy, and reduction of project costs. We combine these efforts and work towards closure. We understand the group dynamics at play and facilitate a consensus between all stakeholders involved. All potentially responsible party (PRP) groups experience similar hurdles in maintaining group cohesion while cost effectively meeting schedules. Avoiding pitfalls around allocation issues that can cause the group to become ineffective is imperative.

EHS Support’s PRP team is a dedicated and energetic group of individuals with the breadth of experience to understand what is important to each PRP and to the collective “group”. We ensure that opinions and needs are addressed as the technical and administrative requirements of managing your CERCLA and PRP exposure are closed out. Our team of scientists, engineers, and regulatory experts has worked on a wide range of projects, industries, and commercial sectors involving a broad spectrum of technical and remedial activities. With our experience and demonstrated approach to client advocacy, EHS Support consistently provides innovative and cost effective approaches to dealing with CERCLA-related issues.

EHS Support delivers:

  • CERCLA response coordination
  • Corporate portfolio risk analysis
  • Financial risk management
  • Company specific Superfund site management program development
  • De-minimus site management and tracking
  • PRP Group project coordination role
  • Financial management and administration
  • Strategic and tactical planning to achieve PRP group objectives
  • Technical oversight and critical reviews
  • Representation on behalf of your company in committee and subgroup participation
  • Corporate financial reserve estimates
  • PRP allocation determinations.

Contact Reynolds Renshaw today to learn more about how EHS Support can help you or your site participation group in maintaining group cohesion while streamlining costs and decision making skills. Building trust makes the project less stressful and more effective.


PRP Team: