PRP Multi-Party Coordination

EHS Support becomes both the anchor for,

  • A dedicated multi-party site coordinator
  • Oversight and facilitation of technical, administrative, and financial management
  • Filling resource gaps and creating a coherent, robust strategy that is effectively communicated to the agency
  • Tracking, reporting, and distribution of information, regulatory negotiation, and advocacy support that controls costs, leverages time, and reduces the project life cycle
  • Group financial administration inclusive of PRP fund administration, tax evaluation, AP/AR accounting, cash calls, payment distribution, and annual tax requirements.

Beyond our typical role in multi-party site coordination EHS Support’s PRP team has the diversity in technical expertise to provide the critical review of a group’s strategy and to manage the steps forward to provide a tactical advantage.

Contact Reynolds Renshaw today to learn more about how EHS Support can help you or your site participation group in maintaining group cohesion while streamlining costs and decision making skills. Building trust makes the project less stressful and more effective.


PRP Multi-Party Coordination Team: