PRP Representation

EHS Support will represent your company to protect your interests in allocation negotiations and financial management, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in unsupervised actions taken on behalf of multiple PRP groups. Our roles have included:

  • Representation of clients’ interests in meetings and conference calls
  • Tracking activities at sites where you may be a de-minimis party
  • Committee chair (e.g. technical) and sub-groups (e.g., small parties groups, industry focus groups) on clients’ behalf
  • Review of both technical and strategic site-related documents
  • Financial model development that predict expected cash flow requirements to assist management in fiscal forecasting
  • Technical response development to refute the EPA’s position.

Contact Reynolds Renshaw today to learn more about how EHS Support can help you or your site participation group in maintaining group cohesion while streamlining costs and decision making skills. Building trust makes the project less stressful and more effective.


PRP Representation Team: