PRP Technical Strategy & Review Support

EHS Support acts in tandem with your internal team or operates independently to develop, customize, and manage a PRP program for you that will:

  • Prepare you to respond to CERCLA Section 104, 106, or 122 notices
  • Assess your Superfund financial risk and help you determine your actual accountability for investigating and cleaning up sites
  • Identify sites where you are at risk of future Superfund claims
  • Identify potential red-flag former sites you may have owned, operated, or used to dispose of hazardous waste
  • Develop a financially responsible program to reduce and/or minimize your liability.

Contact Reynolds Renshaw today to learn more about how EHS Support can help you or your site participation group in maintaining group cohesion while streamlining costs and decision making skills. Building trust makes the project less stressful and more effective.


PRP Technical Strategy & Review Support Team: