Remediation Management

The challenges associated with environmental remediation are a volatile mix of regulations and liabilities factors. Combined with an unpredictable subset of potential outcomes, pitfalls, and costs, environmental remediation can make assessment, planning, and response nearly impossible to quantify.

EHS Support brings to your environmental remediation table—extensive and successful field experience, professional pedigree, and demonstrated personal commitment to getting the job done —safely, legally, and cost-effectively. EHS Support partners with you to provide superior assistance with virtually every challenge you might face in the environmental remediation life cycle: Environmental remediation assessment and management, RCRA, CERCLA and Superfund navigation, compliance assurance, permitting and risk management, financial cost modeling, and sustainability analysis—even training and consulting support.

We provide you with a team of true technical experts who are known within the regulatory community. The goal of their review of your project is not only to meet the intent of the regulators, but also to look for the best and most cost effective resolution for your site. Our approach is a systematic case-by-case assessment —evaluating remedial options and determining realistic remedial goals.

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Remediation Team: