Liability Cost Estimating & Modeling

The ability to control risk and costs while maintaining positive relationships with regulators and other stakeholders is imperative in protecting your investment. EHS Support uses proven modeling and cost estimating tools to provide our clients with quantifiable, defendable results for a wide range of environmental and remediation projects.

Our proprietary cost estimating tools provide proven, actionable numbers for activities including site and liability acquisitions and mergers, reserve forecasts for financing reporting and compliance, and remediation services. Whether you are estimating the liability of a single purchase or the reserve estimates for your entire portfolio, EHS Support has the expertise to meet your needs. We provide estimates for clients’ environmental requirements, whether you want to put real numbers to your “what-if” scenarios, or you need to determine your environmental liability for decades to come.

Quantifying potential environmental risks and developing appropriate remediation objectives that best address the problem requires a team with extensive hydrogeological experience in environmental conditions and regulatory bodies across the country and abroad.

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Liability Cost Estimating & Modeling Team: