Remediation System Design & Operation

EHS Support knows that effective environmental remedial design, implementation, performance monitoring, optimization, and completion begins with identifying real risks and then setting reasonable and achievable expectations that effectively manage real problems.

We begin the process by working with our clients to develop an understanding of their needs and expectations, and we help them develop a strategy that protects their interests and is acceptable to all stakeholders. We develop and implement strategies that are acceptable to all applicable regulators, are cost-effective, and exceed the clients’ needs.

Our team has decades of experience in eliminating a wide variety of environmental liabilities.  We provide planning and delivery for services such as:

  • Bench testing
  • Cost estimating
  • Corrective measures studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pilot testing
  • Natural attenuation demonstration
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Performance reporting
  • Remedial action planning
  • Remedial design
  • Remedial investigations
  • Site closure.

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Remediation System Design & OperationTeam: