Resource Economics

Pretoria-based Prime Africa enables us to combine our expertise and provide environmental, health, and safety consulting services, along with resource economic services, throughout the African continent and globally. This partnership leverages the capabilities of both organizations, establishing a strong regional presence that provides environmental and economic solutions to existing and new clients in Africa, and beyond.

Prime Africa shares our client-focused values and operating principles, bringing a wealth of invaluable international expertise and support in resource economics and sustainability assessments, as well as liability and risk analysis for mergers, acquisitions & divestitures.

Prime Africa provides strong regulatory knowledge and contacts throughout the African continent through office and field-based resources to support projects. The strength of their local knowledge and understanding of cultural and political elements within the continent are integral to the successes of our clients with international operations. Their economic analysis and due diligence reports, in addition to their market intelligence studies, enable them to be instrumental in helping acquisitive clients identify and assess risk pertaining to international acquisitions in emerging and frontier markets. They help clients quantify business risks associated with internal and external factors that include socio-political, economic, and labor relations, as well as many other influences.

EHS Support and Prime Africa continue to build on our exciting and dynamic partnership that utilizes our innovative capabilities to serve our clients with the advocacy and urgency they expect. For more details on our combined capabilities, click here.